Next-Gen Xbox Console to Deliver “Largest Technical Leap”

xbox podcast event held in 2024
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In Short
  • Xbox President has confirmed that next-gen hardware will feature "the largest technical leap" seen in a new generation.
  • "Exciting stuff" is coming soon, speaking about Xbox hardware. More details will be shared during the holiday season of 2024.
  • The FTC leak earlier suggested the new Xbox refresh features a disc-less design (all digital) with specifications such as a 6nm chip.

In a recent statement made by Sarah Bond, President of Xbox, it has been confirmed that “exciting stuff” in the Xbox hardware department is on the horizon! Plus, the Xbox president has just reaffirmed to fans of Team Green that new gaming consoles will continue to be worked upon.

During the Xbox podcast, it was teased that a reveal for new Xbox hardware could happen this holiday season. That means a new Xbox may be released in Q3-Q4 2024! Moreover, Microsoft has confirmed that it is aiming to “delivering the largest technical leap you will have ever seen in a hardware generation” when they are thinking of the next-gen Xbox consoles.

Those are some bold claims which suggest that the new Xbox (I hope the name won’t be confusing) will feature a dramatic increase in graphical fidelity. The new specifications will be fitting for the future of gaming. Keep in mind that the “exciting stuff” that the company may reveal this year during the holidays is most probably not the next-generation Xbox console but rather a refresh.

What to Expect from the “New Xbox” Coming Holiday 2024

Speculation suggests that it would be a mid-generation refresh of the Series X console. There is also a chance that the Series S refresh will come out alongside it. Or maybe it will be just one of these two gaming consoles.

The FTC leak, which happened earlier, did give us many details about this. Here’s what we can expect. Keep in mind that these features listed below are from the leaked documents. We can’t attest to these as the exact plans of the Xbox division.

  • A more efficient chip (mentioned to be based on the 6nm manufacturing process in the leak)
  • Could feature “4K Gen 9” console gaming
  • Could be an all-digital console, so no disc-drive
  • Better connectivity expected with Wi-Fi 6E & Bluetooth 5.2 Support
  • Potentially the same price
  • Next-Gen Xbox Console to Deliver “Largest Technical Leap”
  • Next-Gen Xbox Console to Deliver “Largest Technical Leap”

Since a new console (expected to be a refresh) may come out during the holidays, as per these statements from the company, I also expect that Sony will have something up its sleev to match the new Xbox. Perhaps, we will soon see the release of PS5 Pro as well around this time!

Microsoft seems to have plans to develop the Xbox department heavily. The recent tease by the company of its next-gen Xbox console is surely getting fans pumped up.

What are your thoughts on the new plans for the next-gen Xbox as revealed by Microsoft? And if the refreshed Series X comes out, will you consider upgrading to it? What features do you expect? Let us know in the comments below!

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