Lampylumen Myriad Boss Location in Wuthering Waves

In Short
  • Lampylumen is a boss Tacet Discord in Wuthering Waves, located near Tiger's Maw.
  • To reach the Lampylumen boss, players need to enter the underground cavern through the engine room in Tiger's Maw.
  • Best characters to fight the Lampylumen boss are Chixia, Yangyang, and Encore.

Lampylumen is one of the boss Tacet Discords in Wuthering Waves. Defeating him rewards the Sound Keeping Tacet Core, which is a Resonator breakthrough item. Other than that, you can obtain the Lampylumen Myriad echo, which is one of the strongest Glacio Echoes in Wuthering Waves. Getting to Lampylumen is more challenging than defeating him. Here is a complete guide on the Lampylumen location in Wuthering Waves and how to easily defeat him.

Lampylumen Myriad Location

Tigers Maw Mine Resonance Beacon
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot (Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti)

To reach Lampylumen tacet discord, you first need to fast travel to the Resonance Beacon in Tiger’s Maw, right next to the Resonance Nexus. Now, you need to head right and down the path inside the engine room with a massive hole. Jump in the hole to enter the underground cavern.

Once inside the cavern, look around to find an opening in the wall. Enter the opening and keep moving down the path. After heading down the road, you will find three frozen statues. Keep heading down the path until you reach the Resonance Beacon and activate it.

Now, just right from the Resonance Beacon will open into a big cave, with Lampylumen boss waiting in the middle. Simply go near it to start the fight. After defeating it, you can claim the rewards. Wait for a bit for the Lampylumen to respawn and you can continue farming it.

How to Defeat Lampylumen Myriad Boss in Wuthering Waves

Lampylumen is a simple enough fight, but his attacks can be fast for new players to react. It is a glacio type Tacet Discord, and uses long slashing attacks, followed by a charge and jump attack. Other than that, it can freeze your Resonators, which will require you to press the “left” and “right” keys to break out.

Lampylumen Freeze Attack Wuthering Waves
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot (Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti)

To dodge the Lampylumen attacks, do not spam the dodge key. Instead, wait for its attack to reach near you and then press the dodge key. When it attacks the ground with the AoE glacio slam, again wait for the claw to hit the ground and press the dodge key at that exact moment or a split second before it.

Best Characters to Defeat Lampylumen Myriad

This enemy is best fought with ranged attacks. The best characters for this boss fight are those with the without the Glacio element. Characters with the Glacio element will deal reduced damage to Lampylumen. The best characters to defeat Lampylumen early on in the game are, Chixia, Yangyang, and Encore. However, the characters won’t matter if you can dodge its attacks time, and use the correct builds for your characters.

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