Wuthering Waves Calcharo: Best Build, Teams & Echoes

In Short
  • Calcharo is a 5-star Electro DPS character who uses a Broadblade.
  • His best main echo is Thundering Memphis, followed by Tempest Memphis.
  • The best team for Calcharo is Calcharo (main DPS), Yinlin (Sub DPS), and Verina (Support).

Calcharo is one of the most sought-after Resonators in Wuthering Waves, and he has tremendous damage potential with the correct build. He is a 5-star Electro broadblade user with a strong DPS kit. With the correct Echoes, teams, and weapons, Calcharo is easily one of the strongest DPS in the game. Here is how you can get the best out of Calcharo’s kit using his best build.

Calcharo Kit, Rotation & Forte Upgrade Priority

Calcharo Wuthering Waves
Calcharo (Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves/YouTube)

Calcharo is a strong electro DPS in Wuthering Waves and he features a complete damage output kit. Let’s take a closer look at Calcharo’s kit to understand how to play him correctly:

  • Gnawing Fangs (Basic Attack): Performs 4 consecutive basic attacks dealing Electro damage. Heavy and Mid-Air attacks consume stamina and deal electro damage to the target. His successful Dodge counters also deal Electro damage.
  • Extermination Order (Resonance Skill): Performs up to 3 consecutive attacks, dealing Electro DMG. When switched off-field, or when the skill is not performed again in a while, it enters cooldown.
  • Phantom Etching (Resonance Liberation): Calcharo enters the Deathblade Gear state by attacking the target, dealing Electro damage. In the Deathblade state, his Basic attack is replaced with Hounds Roar and his next Intro skill is replaced with Necessary Means (dealing Electro damage). Additionally, his Dodge Counters in the Deathblade Gear state also deal increased damage, considered as Resonance Liberation damage. Hounds Roar performs up to 5 consecutive attacks, dealing Electro Damage.
Calcharo Forte Abilities
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti
  • Hunting Mission (Forte Circuit): Calcharo gains up to 3 stacks of Cruelty from connecting enemies with his Resonance Skill (1 stack per hit). When Cruelty reaches 3 stacks, his Heavy attack is replace with Mercy, which deals Electro damage and recovers Resonance and Concerto energy. Under the Deathblade Gear state, Cruelty cannot be acquired, instead his Forte Gauge is replaced with “Killing Intent”, stacking up to 5 times. Gain 1 stack of “Killing Intent” for hitting enemies with the enhanced Basic Attack Hounds Roar. After reaching 5 “Killing Intent”, Calcharo’s basic attack is replaced with heavy attack Death Messenger, which deals Electro Damage, and recovers Resonance and Concerto energy.
  • Wanted Outlaw (Intro Skill): Attacks the target, dealing Electro Damage.
  • Shadowy Raid (Outro Skill): Calcharo summons a Phantom to support the active on-field Resonator, slashing the targets in the front dealing Electro Damage.

Playing Calcharo is a bit complicated if you want to get the best out his kit. First, use his three hit Resonance Skill to build up his Forte Gauge. After getting 3 stacks of Cruelty, use Calcharo’s heavy attack to use his Forte Circuit, Mercy.

Note: While Calcharo is using Mercy, you can quickly swap to another character, prioritizing characters that deal high damage at short periods, to basically have two characters on the field at the same time for a couple of seconds. This way you can maximize the damage output during Calcharo’s Mercy attack animation.

After Calcharo’s Resonance Liberation energy is full, use it to enter Deathblade Gear and perform his five basic attack combo to fill the Killing Intent Forte Gauge. Once Calcharo has 5 stacks of Killing Intent, his basic attack will do the Death Messenger Heavy attack.

You can also swap out to another character during the Death Messenger animation, and swap back to Clacharo, to maximize the damage output.

The swap window is very small but if timed correctly, can increase the damage output significantly, especially when swapped with characters like Mortefi and Danjin, and later Yinlin. To sum it up, here is Calcharo’s best rotation:

  • Before using Resonance Liberation: 3-hit Resonance Skill > Forte Circuit Mercy > Swap to sub-DPS during animation > Swap back > Repeat until Resonance Liberation Energy is full
  • After using his Resonance Liberation: 5-hit Basic Attack > Use Death Messenger > Swap to sub-DPS during animation > Swap back > Repeat until Deathblade Gear state ends.

Next, here is Calcharo’s Forte upgrade priority:

  • Basic Attack > Resonance Skill > Forte Circuit > Resonance Liberation > Intro Skill

Calcharo Resonance Chain

Calcharo Resonance Chain
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti
  • Covert Negotiation (RC1): Recover 10 additional Resonance energy when the Resonance Skill hits a target. This effect can be triggered once every 20 seconds.
  • Zero-Sum Game (RC2): Calcharo’s Resonance Skill Damage bonus is increased by 30% for 15 seconds after he casts Intro Skill Wanted Criminal or Necessary Means.
  • Iron Fist Diplomace (RC3): Calcharo’s Electro damage bonus is increased by 25% during his Deathblade Gear state.
  • Dark Alliance (RC4): Electro Damage Bonus of all team members increases by 20 % for 30 seconds after Calcharo casts his outro skill.
  • Unconventional Compact (RC5): Intro Skill deals 50% more damage.
  • The Ultimatum (RC6): Summons 2 phantoms to perform coordinated attacks when casting Death Messenger. Each Phantom deals Electro damage equal to 100% of Calcharo’s Attack, considered as Resonance Liberation damage.

Calcharo’s Resonance Chain abilities are minor buffs to his overall kit. They can be good investments, especially his RC2 and RC3 as they increase his damage output significantly. Also, Calcharo gets a good Intro Skill buff with RC2 and RC5, which is needed if you plan to use his Intro Skill in the Deathblade Gear state, as the normal damage is quite underwhelming.

Best Echoes for Calcharo Build

Best Calcharo Main Echo
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti
  • Thundering Memphis
  • Tempest Memphis
  • Violent Feathered Heron
  • Mech Abomination (Best for Lingering Tunes effect)

The best main Echo for Calcharo is Thundering Memphis, which deals Electro damage while also buffing Electro and Resonance Liberation damage. Simply start Calcharo’s rotations with the Thundering Memphis echo ability to buff the damage output of his overall kit.

Other than that, you can also use Tempest Memphis as your main echo, as it also buffs Electro damage, alongside Heave Attack damage, of the current character.

Best Sonata Effects for Calcharo Build

Best Calcharo Sonata effect
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti
  • 5-piece Void Thunder
  • 5-piece Lingering Tunes

The 5-piece Void Thunder Sonata effect is the best echo set effect for Calcharo, giving him a massive boost to Electro damage after he uses his Heavy attack or Resonance Skill.

The 5-piece Lingering Tunes can also be a good alternative, if you have good sub-stats on them. This set increases the Attack massively for the wearer while on-field and also significantly increases their Outro Skill damage.

Best Echo Main and Sub Stats for Calcharo

The 4-3-3-1 Echo Cost priority is the best for Calcharo. Here is how his main and sub-stats should look like for his best build.

Echo CostMain / Sub-Stat
4Crit Rate = Crit Damage / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > ER > Forte Damage Bonuses
3Electro Damage % > Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > ER > Forte Damage Bonuses
3Electro Damage % > Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > ER > Forte Damage Bonuses
1Attack % / Attack % > Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > ER > Forte Damage Bonuses
1Attack % / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > ER > Forte Damage Bonuses
Calcharo Main and Sub Stats for his Echoes

For Calcharo’s stats try to stack as much Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Attack % as possible. Also, make sure to reach Energy Regen of 20% to get his Resonance Liberation almost every rotation.

Best Weapons for Calcharo

Verdant Summit Weapon Wuthering Waves
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti
  • Verdant Summit (Best For Calcharo)
  • Lustrous Razor
  • Autumntrace (Best 4-star)
  • Helios Cleaver
  • Guardian Broadblade

The Verdant Summit, signature weapon of Jiyan, is also the best weapon for Calcharo. It gives a massive 12% damage bonus to all Resonance Attributes and further increases Heavy attack damage by 24% (max 2 stacks) when the user’s Intro Skill or Resonance Liberation is cast, for 14 seconds.

Other than that, the Autumntrace is also a good alternative for Calcharo, as it increases his Attack significantly upon using his Basic or Heavy attacks.

Best Calcharo Teams in Wuthering Waves

OrderMain DPSSub DPSSupport
Best Teams for Calcharo

Calcharo’s best team will feature Yinlin and Verina, however, Yinlin is going to be released during the 2nd phase of version 1.0. Other than Yinlin, Mortefi is Calcharo’s best damage dealing partner.

For support units, Verina is a clear favorite with her buffs and healing abilities. However, Jianxin can also be a good pick for Calcharo as she buffs Resonance Liberation damage specifically.

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