Wuthering Waves Dailies: Reset Time, How to Unlock & Rewards

In Short
  • Wuthering Waves Dailies unlock after finishing the Act 3 of the Huanglong I story quest.
  • The Wuthering Waves Dailies reset at 1:30 AM IST, every day.
  • Players will get 60 Astrites, one Random Echo and many other rewards for completing all the dailies.

Wuthering Waves features tons of things to do, including quests, puzzles, and a lot of exploration. Other than the normal quests and overworld exploration, the game also has some daily quests or tasks that provide a hefty reward each day on completion. Here is a complete guide on the Wuthering Waves Dailies, including how to unlock daily quests, the Dailies reset time and all the daily rewards.

How to Unlock Dailies in Wuthering Waves

Unlock Wuthering Waves Dailies
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot (Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti)

Dailies in Wuthering Waves unlock after finishing the Huanlong I: Act III story quest. It takes around 1-2 hours to complete and is overall quite easy. After you fight with Scar and free YangYang, you will have to piece together a plaque and place it on the stone statue. This will lower the water level in the nearby area, leaving a new cavern to enter.

Follow the mission pointers to quickly finish the act 3 and unlock dailies on your Wuthering Waves account. It will also unlock the Guidebook, which gives additional rewards for finishing tasks.

Wuthering Waves Daily Reset Time

Wuthering Waves Dailies reset time
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot (Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti)

Wuthering Waves Dailies will reset at 1:30 AM IST, every day. You can see a small reset countdown timer in the Activity window of Wuthering Waves.

For players that are not familiar with resets, they are basically the time period the Daily rewards get reset for players to obtain them once more. Wuthering Waves Daily rewards reset every day, so you can earn the rewards every day by completing the quests.

Wuthering Waves Daily Rewards

Wuthering Waves daily rewards
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot (Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti)

The daily rewards in Wuthering Waves are pretty solid. Here are all the rewards you can get on a daily basis:

  • 60x Astrites
  • 2000x Union XP
  • 1x Random Echo
  • 2x Medium Sealed Tube
  • 2x Medium Energy Core
  • 2x Medium Resonance Potion
  • 20,000x Shell Credit

You need a total of 100 activity points to earn all the Daily rewards every day. Most of the tasks are fairly simple and you will be able to do them without focusing. The only thing you will need to do is complete one Daily Quest to get the 40 activity points. The 60 Astrites reward every day will quickly add up to 3600 Astrites (20 Pulls) over a month, which you can use to pull your favorite characters on the Wuthering Waves banner.

So, that’s it. If you have any questions regarding the Dailies in Wuthering Waves, ask us in the comment section and we will try to help you out.

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