Will GTA 6 Come to PS4 and Xbox One?

The next Grand Theft Auto game is launching soon and players all around the world are getting ready for the GTA 6 release. And as per the developers, it’s going to be a massive upgrade from GTA 5. Unfortunately, as exciting as it might sound right now, it also means that many previous-gen platforms might not support GTA 6. Whether it is in terms of graphics or features, only time would tell. So for now, let’s try and figure out whether GTA 6 will come to PS4 and Xbox One or not.

GTA 6 Launch on PS4 and Xbox One (2022)

Before coming to a conclusion, we will first discuss several elements that might affect GTA VI’s release on consoles. So, read through each section to understand the complete picture.

Can Your Machine Run GTA VI?

As per popular and reliable GTA leaker Chris Klippel, Grand Theft Auto 6 is being developed on Rockstar Games’ new Rage engine, which is reported to be ahead of its time. It is a more capable and powerful game development engine than the current Rage engine, which powers GTA 5 and RDR2. Both these titles are extremely photorealistic and heavy on machines.

As covered in our in-depth GTA 6 guide, this title is supposed to have more detailed interiors, dynamic weather, more NPCs, and a larger map. So, GTA 6 will definitely require much more power to give you its best. PC users can upgrade their system to keep up with the times, but PS4 and Xbox One users don’t have that privilege.

Will GTA 6 Come to PS4 and Xbox One?

Rockstar Games is known for pushing its games to the limits of the current industry standards. And the Grand Theft Auto franchise is the biggest proof of the same. It won’t be fair to assume that they will cap their next game to cater to a broader audience even if it’s on current-gen consoles. Not to forget, PS4 came out in 2013, which will be more than a decade old when GTA 6 comes out.

So, it’s best to assume that GTA 6 will not be released on PS4 and Xbox One. Instead, we are expecting an initial release of GTA VI on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Following the pattern of GTA V, the game can later find its way to PC players in a year or two.

Will GTA 6 Only Be for PS5?

Following the release pattern of other GTA titles in the franchise, we can safely say that GTA 6 will not be a PS5 exclusive. Even though it won’t make it to PS4, you will still get it on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and even Windows 10 & 11 PCs.

GTA 6 on Android and iOS

Currently, we only have GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas on Android and iOS. All of these games are classics and require little from the platform they are running on. However, games like GTA IV and GTA V are much heavier, and none of the modern mobile phones can run them. Moreover, even after 10+ years, these titles haven’t found their way to smartphones.

With that, it is fair to assume that GTA 6 won’t be seeing the light of day on iOS or Android. So, make sure to avoid all those pesky GTA 6 “APK” files that might find online.

GTA 6 Release on PS4 and Xbox One

Now that you know about the fate of GTA 6 on some devices, are you still excited about the game? Or are you going to explore some GTA alternatives? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Emery Reese says:

    I think it stupid that rock star only cares about putting gta 6 out on PlayStation 5,and not having it for PlayStation 4,they only care about making money and not caring about the customer and how it will affect them and the product they are putting out and selling, if you put this game just for ps5,no one will buy gta 6, or your product, they need to put us People and how well it does,and also will also lose a lots of people and customers, not most people own a ps5,that why they need to put it out on PlayStation 4,and rock star still going to make the money,sooooooo please put it out for PlayStation 4,gta 6.

  • Todd says:


    • Rishi Jawaharlal says:

      Please, Please make GTA 6 on ps4 otherwise it will not be fair for fans flagon love GTA

  • Todd says:

    Please, please, please make it where Gc a six, will be able to be played on the PlayStation 6 an Xbox One, please.
    I really don’t have the money to forward to buy me a new comes.
    I really won’t GTA6 to be able to be played on the Xbox 1.
    Please, please, please, please, please.
    Mr. Rock storm.
    Please be able to put GTA6 on the Xbox 1. Please, please, please, please, please, please.

  • vlad2902929292 says:

    i will be so angry if the gta 6 will be only on ps5,xbox x/s its not fair maybe someone dosnt have alot of money to buy ps 5 are xbox x/s its not fair to we wont gta 6 on the ps4 are alot of people gona hate gta 6 and gona be mad at rockstar games but ps 4 is ald to but it donst mater

  • Stephen says:

    Put GTA 6. On PS4 please

  • hunter campbell says:

    Get this on ps4 and xbox one pls you are not going to have many happy costumers due to ps5 being terrible this game will not help ps5 at all I hope you do fix this don’t care how long it take please just do it

  • Ellie says:

    Get this on ps4 and xbox one pls you are not going to have many happy costumers due to ps5 being terrible this game will not help ps5 at all I hope you do fix this don’t care how long it take please just do it

  • Emmanuel says:

    Please let it be on the playstation 4 some pple can’t afford the playstation 5… please 😔🙏

  • Tatenda says:

    Especially in Africa billions of people can’t afford to buy ps5 because it is expensive.so we beg you to make it play on PS4

  • Jose says:

    We want GTA 6 realese on the current gen because there are still plenty of people have there current gen.

  • marvin says:

    we want it on ps4 and down

  • Jason says:

    Time for people to get current gen or be left in the past lmao With the recent GTA 6 leaks, it’s gunna be insane 🔥🔥

  • Gary Everett says:

    It’s not far that grang theft auto 6 is only on ps5. What about the people who can not afford a ps5 to play gta6, come playstion bring gta6 to ps4 please

  • David says:

    I hope gta6 will come out for ps4 even though they said it’s not going to

    everybody that owns a ps4 is going to be angry if gta 6 doesn’t come out

  • Pranav says:

    Nah idts they can degrade the graphics and release it for ps4 and Xbox considering thier Market is 10x more than ps5 market
    If ps4 can run rdr2 it sure can run gta 6 at lowest graphics possible
    Just like they released gta 5 on ps3 back in 2013

  • vaibhav says:

    The next Grand Theft Auto game is right around the corner and players all around the world are getting ready for the GTA 6 release. i though gta 6 will release in 2024 that still 1 year and 3-4 month aways at best

    • Yuvraj says:

      Second quarter of 2024 may be

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