What Happened to Earth In Starfield? Answered!

Starfield takes place in vast space, featuring numerous planets, including Earth. And you might want to visit the planet at the first chance. After all, it is the planet we have been residing on. Unfortunately, when you arrive on Earth, you’ll notice that it looks different. For miles and miles, you will find sand and desert dunes with no sign of life. So, what happened to Earth in the universe of Starfield? In this article, we will try to uncover the mystery.

What Happened to Earth in Starfield?

Starfield takes place twenty years after the first colony war in-game, that is around 2310. By this point, humanity has left the big-blue planet and settled in various star systems as two official factions – The FreeStar Collective and The United Colonies.

Naturally, our beloved planet – Earth – is no longer the same old blue planet. Instead, the planet holds very low importance to the current government and settlements, becoming a ball of brown dust. During the “The Old Neighbourhood” mission, Sarah Morgan mentions that the absence of life on Earth is due to its atmosphere collapsing.

The Vanguard History orientation

If you join the UC Vanguard at MAST, you can get a proper rundown of what happened to Earth and why it is barren in Starfield. In 2150, the government of Earth realized that the planet’s magnetosphere would collapse within fifty years. This means that by 2200, Earth will become inhabitable, bringing doom to the civilization.

To combat this problem, the governments united to form the United Colonies in 2159, ushering in a new age of interplanetary travel. By 2160, the UC set their base in Jemison, leaving behind Earth and continuing civilization. Within this period, Earth lost its magnetosphere, collapsing the flora and fauna and becoming an inhabitable planet.

Since the planet doesn’t contain anything worthwhile, apart from landmarks from the old civilization, interest around our Sol system and Earth dwindled. This resulted in Earth becoming abandoned.

How to Find and Visit Earth in Starfield

If you are unsure about which Star System Earth is located in, we have you covered. It is simple, and much like real life, Earth is located inside our star system.

  • Open up your planet map and go to the Starmap. Locate the star system called Sol. This is where the Earth is situated.
Chart a route to the Sol system in Starfield where Earth resides
The sol system
  • Inside the Sol system, locate Earth and land at any desired landmark.
The destroyed Earth in Starfield

And with that, welcome to Earth, the old home of our civilization. Unfortunately, it used to be the home to our civilization, however, by the time Starfield began, everyone had settled on other planets, leaving behind Earth. If you play the mission “The Old Neighbourhood,” you’ll be on course for Sol. After finishing it, you can detour and visit Earth to check its plains.

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