Wear OS Fall Update to Add New Weather App, Improved Performance


As part of its ‘Android Beyond Phones’ initiative that seeks to highlight its non-smartphone IoT platforms like Android Auto and Android TV, Google has announced that an upcoming Wear OS update in the fall will focus on fundamentals like performance and power. In a blog post on Thursday, the company previewed a new weather map and announced that the update will bring improved performance.

According to the company, the incoming software will improve performance with faster app launches, more intuitive controls and quicker access to information. The update will also simplify the pairing process to make it easier to sync with smartphones, it said. “You’ll see improvements to our SysUI for more intuitive controls for managing different watch modes and workouts. And with CPU core improvements, you’ll also see up to a 20% speed improvement in startup time for your apps”, Google said on an official blog post.

As for the new weather app, Google says it will be easier to read on-the-go, with an hourly breakdown of the daily weather to help users plan ahead. It will also provide important local weather alters, said the company.

Wear OS Fall Update to Add New Weather App, Improved Performance
Image courtesy: Google

Another upcoming feature is a hands-free ‘handwashing timer’ that the company says will help users maintain good hygiene during the times of COVID-19.

Wear OS Fall Update to Add New Weather App, Improved Performance
GIF Courtesy: Google

Google also announced support for the Snapdragon 4100 and 4100+ chipsets that Qualcomm announced last month. Meant for the next-generation connected smartwatches, the new platforms bring LTE connectivity and significant performance improvements over the Snapdragon 3100 platform. Google also said it was working on incorporating “the best of Android 11 to wearables”, although, there’s no ETA for when that might happen.

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