Vivaldi 3.3 Brings a Break Mode to Help Users Maintain Work-Life Balance

Vivaldi 3.3 Brings a Break Mode to Help Users Maintain Work-Life Balance
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Vivaldi has released version 3.3 on desktop. The update comes with a unique break mode, a new theme for private mode, improved tracker & ad-blocker, among other features.

The company has added a new Break mode as a step to help users maintain a healthy work-life balance. This new feature should come in handy especially due to the rise of remote work during the pandemic.

With Break mode, the entire browser will get paused. It stops HTML5 audio and videos, hides all tabs, panels, and other content in the browser. Vivaldi recommends using Break mode for hitting the right work-life balance, hiding private content, and shifting focus away from the browser.

You can either activate Break mode from the pause button present at the left corner of the status bar or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + “.”. The play button will unpause Break mode, bringing the functionality of the browser back so that you can focus on your activities after the break.

The update also brings a purple theme for the browser’s private window. The purple accented private window has shades of blue in it and Vivaldi calls it ‘blurple’. In case you didn’t know, Vivaldi already lets you create custom themes to tweak the appearance as per your preference.

vivaldi private theme

Vivaldi is also highlighting the base domain in the URL to help users identify malicious web pages. “Earlier Vivaldi displayed a URL as but now the domain will be highlighted and displayed as,” explains Vivaldi.

Other changes in the update include clickable parts in URLs for easier cropping, full-page blocking support, and the ability to drag & drop Speed Dials to folders. You can download the latest version from the company’s website.

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