Vivaldi has released a new update (version 3.5) that enhances the overall privacy features of the browser on Android. The new features include clearing browsing data on exit, disabling WebRTC broadcast IP, and sorting Notes and Bookmarks.

With Vivaldi 3.5, you can automatically clear browsing data when you close the browser. You can choose to remove browsing history, cookies and site data, cached images and files, and open tabs. You can enable the feature from Settings -> Privacy -> Clear session browsing data on exit.

vivaldi clear data on exit
Image: Vivaldi

Another feature introduced in the update is the ability to disable WebRTC (Web Real-time Communication) broadcast IP. This way, your IP address will not get leaked when you’re using a VPN. To disable WebRTC broadcast, open Vivaldi Settings -> Privacy and uncheck the option that reads “Broadcast IP for Best WebRTC Performance.”

Apart from these two changes, the Vivaldi team has added the option to let users sort notes and bookmarks. You can sort notes by title, the date of creation, or even by content. Similarly, you can sort bookmarks based on their title, address, description, and nickname. The browser also lets you manually reorder notes and bookmarks. For those wondering, you can access notes and bookmarks from the panel at the bottom left corner of the browser.

vivaldi sort notes
Image: Vivaldi

Other miscellaneous improvements introduced with Vivaldi 3.5 update include enhancements in the Start page and user interface of the browser. In addition, the bottom navigation bar of the browser now respects the theme’s color scheme. You can access all these features by downloading Vivaldi 3.5 from Google Play Store.

Download Vivaldi 3.5 (Android)