Try Not to Forget Your Vision Pro Passcode Because Recovery Ain’t Easy

Vision Pro passcode forgot
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In Short
  • Apple Vision Pro requires a passcode followed by an OpticID for security purposes.
  • However, there is no manual way to reset the Vision Pro passcode if you've forgotten it.
  • You will have to take it to the Apple Store and get it reset by Apple customer care executives.

Vision Pro has started reaching buyers and now the internet is filled with tidbits about Apple’s hefty AR/VR headset. One of the rather inconvenient quirks that have emerged involves your Vision Pro’s passcode. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has revealed that forgetting your Vision Pro passcode could be troublesome and there ain’t an easy way to recover it.

For the uninitiated, like iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Vision Pro also requires a six-digit or four-digit passcode during the setup process. This is the base of the security protection followed by Optic ID. If you enter the wrong passcode too many times, Vision Pro will be disabled and that is where the real trouble begins.

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As per a community post on Apple Forum, a user who forgot the passcode of his Vision Pro headset had to undergo an ordeal as the company has not mentioned anywhere how to reset the device after password lockout.

After reaching out to customer care executives at Apple, he was informed that the only way to reset Vision Pro after forgetting the passcode is to take it to the Apple Store and get it unlocked or replaced.

It is worth noting that other Apple devices including iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad offer methods to reset the device if you have forgotten the passcode. Moreover, there are ways to unlock iPhone without passcode.

The Vision Pro passcode situation stems from the lack of a USB-C port in the headset that would’ve allowed users to connect it to a Mac for the recovery process.

Vision Pro is a first-gen device and Apple has been caught off-guard with such issues. It is likely that Apple will fix these issues via future software updates but forgetting your Vision Pro passcode at the moment will force you to go to an Apple Store and lose out on all your content stored in the headset.

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