You Cannot Connect a Bluetooth Mouse to Vision Pro, Apple Confirms

Apple Vision Pro bluetooth mouse incompatible
In Short
  • In a support document, Apple confirmed that "Vision Pro isn't compatible with Bluetooth mice".
  • Apple's mixed-reality headset is compatible with most Bluetooth keyboards made by Apple and third-party manufacturers, and also the Apple Magic Trackpad.
  • Vision Pro also works with all current models of AirPods and Beat headphones, all MFi controllers, and all MFi hearing devices.

Unarguably, Apple Vision Pro is now the hottest tech in the Apple Ecosystem. The company’s first-ever mixed-reality headset is an incredible fusion of powerful hardware and an unbelievable immersive experience. Right from the launch, people were excited to know about the Vision Pro compatible accessories to enjoy a full-blown experience. Yesterday, Apple published a new support document detailing the Bluetooth devices and accessories that are compatible with Vision Pro. It’s worth noting that Apple has confirmed that “Vision Pro isn’t compatible with Bluetooth mice“.

According to Apple, Vision Pro should work with the Apple Magic Trackpad and most Bluetooth keyboards made by Apple and third-party manufacturers. Also, Apple’s mixed-reality headset is compatible with all the current models of AirPods and Beats headphones. For the best audio experience, including ultra-low-latency and Lossless audio, Apple recommends using AirPods Pro (2nd gen) with a MagSafe charging case.

Apple Vision Pro

However, Apple explicitly mentioned that Vision Pro doesn’t support certain accessories.

“Apple Vision Pro isn’t compatible with older models of Apple keyboards and trackpads that use removable batteries. Apple Vision Pro also isn’t compatible with Bluetooth mice.” – Apple Support Document

Well, the obvious reason why Vision Pro doesn’t support Bluetooth mice would be because there’s no need for it. Intuitive hand gestures are one of the most exciting features of Vision Pro. You can use your voice, eyes, and hands to control Vision Pro entirely. The eye tracking is magical and the hand gestures are pretty simple & intuitive. So, to allow users to experience these magical interactions, Apple might have made this decision.

Since Vision Pro also caters to casual gamers, it is compatible with all MFi (Made for iPhone) controllers. This includes controllers from PlayStation, Xbox, and any other controller that works with iPhones and iPads.

Furthermore, the document says all the hearing devices with MFi designation are compatible with Vision Pro. Some models by IQBud, Phonak, and Poco are also supported.

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