Here’s How Apple Vision Pro’s Demo Will Unfold

Apple Vision Pro
In Short
  • Apple's $3,499 Vision Pro mixed reality headset is set for a 25-minute long in-store demo.
  • The aim of this extensive demo is to guide users through the fitting and presenting Vision Pro's features.
  • Apple Vision Pro is set for the launch on February 2nd with pre-orders starting this Friday.

Apple is on the brink of releasing its first-ever mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro, with the debut planned on February 2, with pre-orders starting this Friday. Since it is the company’s first device in this category, the Cupertino tech giant is taking a unique approach to showcasing its capabilities, recognizing the challenges of selling a device that’s both expensive and unfamiliar to consumers. Apple analyst Mark Gurman has detailed the Apple Vision Pro demo process, offering potential buyers an immersive experience.

Extensive 25-Minute Long Demo

Unlike all the previous swift product launches, like the iPhone or MacBook, Apple is going the extra mile with Vision Pro, with an extensive 25-minute demo at Apple’s retail locations. This extended session aims to guide customers through the fitting process and unveil the headset’s full potential to help them make an informed decision.

The customer demos will begin on the launch day itself at US Apple stores, with signup beginning at 8 A.M local time. Dozens of demo units will be available at bigger stores, along with a dedicated sitting zone to accommodate the demo process.

Meticulous Fitting Process

Apple Vision Pro band

While users are already accustomed to wearing VR headsets, wearing an all-new mixed-reality headset is a new experience for most consumers, and Apple is keen on making sure it’s a comfortable and personalized one. The demo begins with a retail worker scanning the user’s face, similar to the Face ID setup using a special app, determining the correct light seal, foam cushion, and band size needed for an optimal fit. As already revealed, Apple is offering two types of bands for Vision Pro – Solo Knit Band and Dual Loop Band.

Immersive Interface Explanation

Once the fitting process is complete, the retail employee will walk the user through the intricate interface of the Vision Pro. This includes controlling the pointer with eye movements, gestures for selections, and using the Digital Crown for transitioning between virtual and augmented reality. The employee will have an iPad to view what the user sees on the Vision Pro.

A man wearing Apple Vision Pro

Calibration Exercises

Users will then be prompted to calibrate the device through various tracking and tapping exercises, ensuring a precise alignment with their eyes and hands. The process involves looking at circular dot patterns at different brightness levels and a hand scan within the device’s field of vision.

Presenting Vision Pro Features

Once the fitting and calibration process finishes, the actual 25-minute long Apple Vision Pro demo will begin showcasing Vision Pro features and capabilities:

  • Users will be directed to explore still images in the photos app, followed by the panorama shots. All the images will be similar to what is found on other Apple devices in the retail store.
  • This will be followed by users viewing spatial photos and videos that create a 3D immersive experience, making the demo process more interesting.
  • The demo progresses to demonstrate the device’s potential as a computer or iPad replacement, highlighting features like positioning multiple app windows in space and browsing through webpages in Safari.
  • To make the demo even more compelling, Apple has preloaded various third-party apps on the Vision Pro, giving users a taste of the possibilities. The content includes 3D and immersive movies, such as scenes of wild animals, the ocean, and sports, providing a truly immersive experience.
Spatial Video on Apple Vision Pro

Comfort Enhancements

Acknowledging the potential discomfort of wearing the Apple Vision Pro for extended periods, Apple has designed a second band for added comfort during longer use.

Encouraging In-Store Trials

While Apple encourages customers to try the Vision Pro at physical stores, those opting to purchase online will still have access to the face scan system. This allows the product to be bundled and shipped to them, ensuring a personalized and comfortable fit even for online buyers.

Reviewer Sessions for Optimal Experience

Apple is going the extra mile to ensure that product reviewers get the best possible experience with the Vision Pro. Reviewers will participate in two in-person sessions with Apple before receiving the device, emphasizing the company’s dedication to showcasing the device’s capabilities accurately.

As Apple prepares to launch its first major new product in nearly a decade, the success of the Vision Pro remains uncertain. With a price point that may deter mainstream consumers, Apple’s detailed and cautious strategy underscores the unique challenges of introducing a mixed-reality headset to the market.

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