Valorant Map ‘Lotus’ Is Getting Massive Changes in Episode 8 Act 1

In Short
  • Valorant's Lotus map is getting massive changes with the Episode 8 Act 1 update on January 9, 2024.
  • The Lotus map update brings meaningful changes to the A site, B site, and C sites simultaneously.
  • These map changes are aimed at addressing player complaints and making Lotus fair for both attackers and defenders.

Lotus, a map that is usually picked by pro teams, is not that liked in the Valorant community. The map feels like it favors the attackers for the majority of the rounds. However, thanks to the devs at Riot Games, that might come to an end with Valorant Episode 8 Act 1. In the first act of Episode 8, Riot is making some significant changes to the Lotus map to keep it fair for both sides in Valorant. So, let’s take a look at all the changes coming to Lotus when Episode 8 Act 1 is released.

When Will Lotus Map Changes Go Live in Valorant? These changes will be live in the game with Episode 8, Act 1 on January 9, 2024. This update will also add Icebox in the competitive map rotation pool.

The new Lotus map update is a major overhaul and brings numerous changes to the A Site, B Site, and C Site simultaneously. Let us dive right in and check them out.

Valorant Lotus Map: A Site Changes

1. A Site

Old A Site LotusNew Lotus A Site changes

The A site has been revamped with the new changes, and it is not as open as it used to be. Now, the default mid-section pillar has no divide while it creates a choke point on the backside. This pillar is also taller now, so line-up merchants beware.

2. A Main

Old A MainNew A main Lotus

The A main to B link connection is now significantly wider than the old Lotus map. For all the early aggressive defenders, the cubby area is now larger and is covered by two boxes for some much-needed cover. The breakable door is to the far right with a hiding spot in the left corner. So, expect more campers to meet you outside the door here.

Valorant Lotus Map: B Site Changes

B Link OldB link after changes

The B link has now been expanded, and there’s more space on the left side of the breakable door. This will help any sentinel agent to use their traps and trackers during rotation. This corner will also help defenders to stop A to B rotations, catching players off-guard.

2. B Site

Old Lotus B SiteB site after changes

Although the community thinks that the B bomb plant site on Lotus did not need changes, it seems Riot of a different opinion. The Valorant spike planting spot is still the same, but the C side wall has now been pushed further, creating more space in the site. This now creates a cubby and corner for post-plant defense plays, and I can’t wait to try it out.

Valorant Lotus Map: C Site Changes

1. C Site

Valorant Lotus old C siteNew Lotus C site changes in Valorant

The C site in Lotus is now geared more towards the attackers. As the map earlier made it difficult to push the C site; it was bad, but the change will help players adjust their strategies. The planting spot is now reduced on the defender side and increased towards the staircase on the back side of the site. The stairs are also bigger than the old C site.

2. C Main

Valorant Lotus C main OldNew C main changes in Valorant Lotus

Another massive and much-needed change that Lotus is receiving is the extension of C main to the right. The C main section now looks bigger as there is more space towards the right side for the defenders to make early plays. Closer to the site, the small box is now swapped with two big boxes that will provide enough cover for anyone holding the stairs.

That is everything new in the Valorant map Lotus coming with the Episode 8 Act 1 update. What do you think about these changes? Tell us in the comments section.

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