Users Report ‘iPhone Storage Almost Full’ Warning Bug After Installing iOS 15

Users Report ‘iPhone Storage Almost Full’ Warning After Installing iOS 15

Soon after Apple released iOS 15 earlier this week, users started noticing an ‘iPhone Storage Almost Full’ warning in the Settings app. The worst part about the alert is that it appears even if you have ample free storage and you can’t manually dismiss it.

iOS 15 ‘iPhone Storage Almost Full’ Warning Bug

According to user reports, the ‘iPhone Storage Almost Full’ message doesn’t seem to go away even if you have cleared up some storage by deleting files. Hence, if you’re an iOS 15 user who’s facing this bug, waiting for an official fix from Apple will be the right move.

iOS 15’s issues with storage don’t end there. Some users are facing another strange bug where the device is showing more available storage than the iPhone’s actual storage capacity. For instance, one user with a 256GB iPhone was surprised to see that the available storage was listed as 274.85GB, as you can see below:

It looks like Apple is aware of this bug plaguing iOS 15 devices. However, the company’s official tech support is recommending users to restart their iPhones, which doesn’t resolve the problem. Given the scope of the bug, you could expect a software update to fix the incorrect warning message in the coming days.

Meanwhile, if you’re having trouble installing iOS 15, check out our guide on fixing iOS 15 stuck on ‘Update Requested’ screen on iPhone. So, are you facing the infamous ‘iPhone Storage Almost Full’ error in your iPhone running iOS 15? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Jie says:

    Same problem, and also video reels in Instagram have no sound, must need go to main Instagram page, play some video with audio and reels with audio are back.

  • Shubham Khuva says:

    Same issue

  • Rodrigo Lucas Pereira says:

    Same here

  • Todd says:

    Yes; somewhat patiently waiting for the fix.

  • Al Starnes says:

    iPhone 10S same problem after installing iso15

  • Giovanni Ortiz says:

    I to have this problem

  • Samuel jennings says:

    And the hotspot issue as well!!!!

  • Srinivas says:

    Agree same with me

  • Brooke says:

    I have the error message saying that my iPhone storage is almost full and I have about 32 of 64 gigs of storage left.

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