how to unlock Windows laptop with Mi Band 3 or Mi Band 4

How to Unlock Windows Laptop with Mi Band 3/ Mi Band 4

Xiaomi is the leader in the wearables market, thanks to the widespread success of its Mi Band fitness tracker. Mi Band 3 which added touch controls, and Mi Band 4, the first to bring a color display, are two of its best-sellers. Both of these fitness trackers are loaded with features to the brim and Xiaomi recently introduced a delightful new feature, i.e unlocking laptops with the Mi Band. Yeah, Xiaomi recently pushed out an update to the Mi Fit companion app. It adds the laptop unlocking functionality, which is limited to Windows for now, to the Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4. I got this feature working on my laptop this morning, so I thought why not share a quick guide on how you can unlock any Windows laptop with the Mi Band 3 or Mi Band 4.

Unlock Windows Laptop with Mi Band 3/ Mi Band 4

Note: You will need to have the latest version #4.0.17 of the Mi Fit app installed on your Android or iOS device. I tested this feature using Mi Band 3 (firmware version # and Moto G5 Plus. Also, the feature is currently limited only to India.

1. First, open the Mi Fit app (Free, Android | iOS) and access the Mi Band settings via the ‘Profile’ page.

mi band 4 laptop unlock 1

2. Scroll down on the settings page and tap on ‘Lab’ to find the newly added ‘Unlock Mi NoteBook’ option. Simply toggle it on to enable the feature.

How to Unlock Windows Laptop with Mi Band 3/ Mi Band 4

3. Now, hop onto your Windows laptop. Open the Microsoft Store and download the ‘Mi Blaze Unlock’ app. If you are unable to find the app, just like me, follow the steps below else skip to Step 7.

How to Unlock Windows Laptop with Mi Band 3/ Mi Band 4

4. The Mi Blaze Unlock app currently doesn’t seem to be available on Microsoft Store in India. But, there’s an easy workaround to it. Just navigate to ‘Settings > Time & Language > Region’ on your Windows laptop.

mi band 4 unlock laptop 3

5. Your country or region should most likely be India. From the dropdown menu, you now need to change the region to China.

How to Unlock Windows Laptop with Mi Band 3/ Mi Band 4

6. Once you have changed the region, open the Microsoft Store and search for the ‘Mi Blaze Unlock’ app once again. You will now see the app pop up in your search results. Go ahead and install this app on your Windows laptop.

Update [13/4]- Note: You can change the country or region back to India once you have installed the app. It won’t affect the app’s functionality and the laptop unlock feature will continue to work as intended.

7. Now, fire up the ‘Mi Blaze Unlock’ app. You will need to have a PIN code set up on your Windows machine to move forward with the pairing process.

mi band 4 unlock laptop 5

8. Pair your fitness tracker, be it Mi Band 3 or Mi Band 4, with your Windows laptop over Bluetooth. You will have to tap the Mi Band’s button to complete the pairing process.

How to Unlock Windows Laptop with Mi Band 3/ Mi Band 4

And that’s all, you are good to go. You can now unlock your Windows laptop using the Mi Band 3 or Mi Band 4. The unlocking feature uses Bluetooth and operates based on proximity. If you are wearing a paired Mi Band on your wrist, your Windows machine will unlock automatically when you are nearby.

How to Unlock Windows Laptop with Mi Band 3/ Mi Band 4

You will simply need to hit the space bar or swipe up on the lockscreen (if you own a touchscreen Windows machine) to get in. Also, your Windows laptop will auto-lock when you walk away from it. Pretty amazing, right?

Mi Band 4/ Mi Band 3 Become More Powerful

As you can see, the laptop unlocking feature for Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 will certainly come in handy for many Mi Band users out there. You no longer need to worry about locking your Windows laptop when you walk away. Also, you don’t need to enter a PIN code every time you want to unlock it. So yeah, I see this as a win-win.

So, go ahead and try out this laptop unlocking feature on your Mi Band. If you face any issues with the aforementioned process, feel free to ask your queries in the comments below.


  1. My band has custom rom , I think that’s why it’s not connecting to mine . Is it the case?

  2. It is finding my mi band 3 but didn’t unlock laptop automatically I have to enter pin only.

  3. Dude I can’t see my band’s name on my laptop with this mi blaze. The mi band 3 is not showing up on my laptop.

  4. Ummm

    Can’t you just use windows Bluetooth unlock feature after turning on discoverable in the MI for app

  5. What if the device gets lost? The default login will still be set to Mi Unlock, how can I reset it to Windows?

  6. I just bought the Mi notebook 14 and wanted to use this feature.
    I am facing a few problems….first of all the Mi fit app doesn’t show unlock notebook toggle in Lab tab.
    Even tried the latest apk from net to see if it offers the unlock feature…it doesn’t.

    Also my pc won’t connect to the band as long as its connected to my phone. If i switch off my bluetooth on my phone….the pc connects..and everything works fine.

    I just want to do it the way its meant to be…not by switching off my phone’s bluetooth when i am around my laptop.

    1. I hope you closed and reopened the Microsoft store after changing the region. If it still doesn’t work, try restarting the PC one. Maybe that will apply the region change. It worked for me in the first go, without restarting.

  7. I Have followed you. but it’s not showing me my band (BT is on)
    It’s just searching (I’m stick at the searching screen)

  8. After turning on my PC I had to first unpaid my band from mobile and then it’s unlocking the computer. So I this is a complete chaos. Even on PC I had to select the sign in option. Is there any alternative.

    1. I connected my mi band 4 to pc as well as my phone. I face some delay in unlocking the PC but didn’t face such issue.

  9. After pairing to my PC my band isn’t connecting to my phone when PC is on. Can’t it be connected to both at the same time. But after I shutdown my PC then band gets connected to my phone.

  10. There is no option for lab though I am in india region
    And also my app is updated to latest version as well as firmware
    I am using mi band 3 please can you help me why it is so

      1. Devendra even i am facing the same issue, i also have updated the mi fit app and firmware too. still there is no such option in Lab section

      2. Same problem with my Mi Band 4. Please help! This feature really sounds cool and I want to try it.

    1. Hey bro! I think where you are going wrong is opening the wrong settings page. After heading to the profile page, do ‘NOT’ click on the settings option then and there. Click on your ‘Mi Smart Band 3/4’ that sits right atop the screen. Here you can scroll down to find the ‘Labs’ option waiting for you.

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