Twitter Search Now Accepts Emojis as Search Terms

Twitter can now apparently let you search for tweets and users using emojis as search terms. Emojipedia pointed it out in a tweet, along with screenshots of people who were using the “fax” emoji.

I don’t really understand how that would help the average Twitter user in using the website better, except maybe, taking us all to a future where we can say “words? Where we’re going we don’t need words”.

I tried passing a couple of different (and some weird) emojis to the Twitter search box, and came up with some interesting results. Turns out, there isn’t a single emoji I could think of, that isn’t being used by people… and here you were, thinking no one touched that “Alembic” emoji (⚗️).

I found some rather interesting (if weird) tweets with this… This one, for example, was the result of the toilet emoji:

Turns out there is a tweet for every single emoji out there… well, I’m assuming; I don’t have enough time to check every single tweet.

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  • Its good to see that and thanks for sharing the news with the us. Now it will be more fun to use twitter.

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