This Water Recycler Recycles up to 85% of Domestic Water

hydraloop water recycler

Water scarcity is one of the major issues in the world and that’s what this Dutch startup named Hydraloop aims to address. Hydraloop showcased its water recycler a couple of days back at CES 2020.

By switching to Hydraloop, the company claims that you could recycle and reuse up to 85% of domestic water without compromising on quality. In fact, the company’s water quality is tested and certified by internationally accredited PIA in Germany and KIWA.

Hydraloop can be installed into your home’s water system. Greywater passes through Hydraloop and it is treated using various methodologies including sedimentation, flotation, dissolved air flotation, foam fractionation. This water is then passed through an aerobic bioreactor, followed by UV light disinfection.

Once you install Hydraloop, you probably will not have to worry about it as it is fully automatic. You get statistics regarding the amount of water you’re saving per day, week, and month in a mobile app the company provides. The app will let you know if you have sufficient recycled water to run the washing machine. If not, it will automatically switch to an alternate source of water, say your main water supply.

The app also lets you prioritize your recycled water usage. In case Hydraloop’s system malfunctions, it automatically switches to the primary water source and notifies you about the incident.

Hydraloop already has operations in Europe and Asia. It will be expanding to the US this year and the device will be priced at $4000 per unit. So, will you consider getting a Hydraloop in your home considering the advantages it offers? Tell us in the comments.

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