Tekken 8 Release Date Revealed At Gamescom 2023; Brings New Game Modes

Tekken 8

Bandai Namco has been proactively showcasing new characters from Tekken 8. The next entry in their long-running fighting game franchise showcased its first gameplay under PlayStation. And after a successful network test, character gameplay reveals, and leaks, the game officially receives a release date at Gamescom 2023 ONL. The new trailer also showcases all the features Tekken 8 will contain.

Tekken 8 Showcases Major Features, Along With Four New Characters

To get the major reveal out of the way, Tekken 8 will launch next year, on January 26, 2024, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam. The final game will launch with 32 unique characters, including four returning characters to the roster.

The trailer then confirms the return of Dragunov, Shaheen from Tekken 7, Steve Fox, Leo, and Yoshimitsu. Each character showcases a very quick glimpse of their Rage Art, though not in detail. The trailer also confirms the game happens after the end of Tekken 7, with Heihachi Mishima dead and Nina Williams controlling a group of Jack-8s.

Outside of the single-player story and online gameplay, Tekken 8 will receive new single-player content. The game will feature a new Arcade Quest mode, where players create unique avatars and compete against other players. Players can select and customize their characters to the teeth and change their attires. The game will also feature a tournament mode and something looking similar to the Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6. Furthermore, character customization is returning to the game, with players customizing the Tekken 8 roster to their needs.

At one moment, we also see Paul wearing his classic attire, confirming that we can unlock the outfits for the characters and change their needs. We also see special weapons from Tekken 7 character customization in action.

One thing’s for sure, there is everything for seasoned Tekken players and newcomers alike.

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