Tasker 5.9.4 Beta Supports Android 11 Power Menu Tiles

Tasker 5.9.4 Beta Supports Android 11 Power Menu Tiles
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Tasker, the beloved customization tool among Android power users, has received a new beta update that supports Android 11’s power menu. With Tasker 5.9.4 beta, you can create power menu tiles that show up in the power menu if you’re already using Android 11.

You can configure the power menu controls using Tasker to behave like a button or toggle. Furthermore, you can use the ‘Power Menu Action’ action in Tasker to create finetuned shortcuts of any type, title, subtitle, icon, and command.

Alongside Android 11 power menu related changes, the latest update also adds Command Event and Action, the native implementation of the AutoApps Command plugin event. You also get third-party command support with this update. Take a look at all the changes on Tasker 5.2.4 beta below:

  • Added Action “Power Menu Action” which allows you to create tiles for the Android 11+ Power Menu
  • Added the “Power Menu Shown” event which triggers when the Power Menu screen is shown on Android 11+
  • Changed the dialog where you choose an icon so that it shows an icon for each option
  • Added Power Menu tiles for every available task on Android 11+
  • Added Action “Command” which allows you to trigger the “Command” event with the AutoApps Command System
  • Fixed Termux command so it’s compatible with upcoming Termux release
  • Added Event “Command” which can be triggered with the “Command” action
  • Added ability for third party apps to send commands that trigger the “Command” event but they have to explicitly ask the user for a permission to do so
  • Fixed dialogs not cancelling when screen is rotated while they are showing
  • Added Phone Call permission to kid apps when they use Contact Via App action
  • Added text option to Signal and Telegram messages in the “Contact Via App” action
  • Fixed crash when reading a file too large to be read
  • Added option to add to new project when importing a profile or task from Taskernet
  • Fixed copying/moving files with weird extensions to external SD cards
  • Removed option to insert SMS into messaging database since it wasn’t possible to do that anymore
  • Fixed javascripts for devices that do not have recent webviews
  • Fixed a few crashes

You can download Tasker 5.9.4 beta right away by signing up for the app’s Google Play beta program.

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