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Tasker 5.9.4 Beta Supports Android 11 Power Menu Tiles

Tasker 5.9.4 Beta Supports Android 11 Power Menu Tiles

Tasker, the beloved customization tool among Android power users, has received a new beta update that supports Android 11's power menu. With Tasker 5.9.4...
How to Change Preferred Network Type With Tasker (No Root)

How to Change Preferred Network Type with Tasker (No Root)

In January this year, Tasker made a significant announcement that would allow users to execute core system tasks on Android without root privilege. It...

How to Sync DND Status Across Your Android Smartphones

Do you own multiple Android devices? If so, you must be aware that maintaining multiple smartphones or tablets at the same time can often...
Tasker is Now Registered with Google Play Beta Program, Releases New Beta Update

Tasker Enters Google Play Beta Program With New Update

Tasker is hands-down one of the best automation tools for Android devices, but it had one shortcoming i.e. it lacked an automatic update channel...
How to Use AutoTools with Tasker (Guide)

How to Use AutoTools with Tasker (Guide)

Tasker is one of the most popular automation tools for Android. While it is a bit complicated to use, it can offer a lot...
Control Android Phone with Google Pixel

How to Control Your Android Phone from Google Home

The Google Home is a really versatile smart speaker from Google, and it's getting better by the day. Every day, more and more services...

How to Totally Automate Android Using Tasker

One of the many great things about investing in the Android ecosystem, is the incredible amount of flexibility, and power it offers. You can easily...
Tasker Alternative Apps

Hate Tasker? Try Alternative Automation Apps For Android

Tasker is one of the most intuitive applications available that allows you automate your devices in ways you would not believe. The only downside...
Tasker Alternative Apps

15 Best Tasker Profiles

Tasker is a great way to automate actions in your Android smartphone or tablet. It can do almost anything you want once you figure how...
How to use Tasker app, complete guide

How To Use Tasker: The Ultimate Guide

Android as an ecosystem and platform has proven to exhibit enormous possibilities, and this is one reason why there are hundreds of apps which...