How to Control Your Android Phone from Google Home

The Google Home is a really versatile smart speaker from Google, and it’s getting better by the day. Every day, more and more services are being added to Google Home, and now, AutoVoice has been integrated with Google Home, as well. For those of you that don’t know, AutoVoice is a Tasker plugin, that allows users to set custom voice commands to trigger Tasker profiles. It’s a really powerful plugin that augments Tasker’s already extremely powerful usability. AutoVoice’s integration with Google Home means that you can now create custom commands for the Google Assistant powered smart speaker, to trigger Tasker tasks on your Android phone. If you’re excited about the possibilities this opens up, I’m right there with you. So, here is how you can use AutoVoice with Google Home, to control your Android phone using Tasker:

Use AutoVoice with Google Home: Integrating AutoVoice with Google Home

The first thing we need to do, is integrate AutoVoice with Google Home, so that Google Home can enable it, and you can use your custom voice commands to control your Android smartphone. This is only available in the beta version of the app, as of now, but the stable app is under review, and should be out, soon.

1. Downloading the AutoVoice Beta

  • Download and install the AutoVoice app available on the Play Store.
  • Once you’ve done that, go to this link, and sign up to be a beta tester.

NoteYou should have the stable version of AutoVoice installed already. Once you sign up for the beta app, you will be able to see an available update for AutoVoice in the Play Store.

2. Enabling the AutoVoice Service in the Google Home App

Once you have the beta version of AutoVoice installed, simply follow the steps given below to enable AutoVoice on your Google Home:

  • Launch the Google Home app, and tap on the hamburger menu icon. Here, tap on “More Settings“.

google home more settings

  • Scroll down, and tap on “Services”. Then, scroll down, and tap on “AutoVoice”.

services autovoice

  • Here, tap on “Link Account“, and follow the prompts that come up. “Allow” Google to run AutoVoice commands, when your phone asks you for the permission.

link autovoice account

AutoVoice will now be linked with your Google Home, and you can test it out, by saying “Ok Google, talk to autovoice”. If you’re greeted by AutoVoice prompting you to speak your command, the integration was successful.

3. Configuring AutoVoice to Intercept Google Home Searches

There’s a little more configuration required before we can start using AutoVoice from our Google Home. To do this, just follow the steps below:

  • Launch the AutoVoice app on your phone, and tap on “AutoVoice Devices“. You will have to sign in with your Google ID. Make sure it’s the same one you use with your Google Home.

autovoice link account

  • Once you do this, you will be shown all the devices that are connected to your Google account. Simply select the one you use with Google Home.

choose your device

  • Next, in the AutoVoice app, tap on “Google Now“. Then, tap on “NOT ENABLED“.

google now not enabled

  • You will be taken to the Accessibility screen in Settings. Simply tap on “AutoVoice Google Now Integration“, and turn the toggle ON.

accessibility on

  • Go back to the AutoVoice app, and tap on the checkbox next to “Enabled”.

enable google now accessibiltiy

Use AutoVoice with Google Home: Creating Tasker Profiles

You can now get to work on creating Tasker profiles that you want to use with AutoVoice. I’ll show you how you can create a simple Tasker profile to find your phone with Google Home. If you want to learn more about Tasker profiles, you can check out our article on the same.

To create a Tasker profile for finding your phone, just follow the steps below:

NoteUnless you purchase the Pro version of the AutoVoice app ($2.49), your voice commands will be trimmed to the first 4 characters. If you don’t want to use the Pro version of AutoVoice, you’ll have to create custom commands not longer than 4 characters each.

  • Launch Tasker on your phone, and in the “Profiles” tab, tap on “+”. In the menu that pops up, tap on “Event”, then tap on “Plugin”.

new profile tasker

  • Select “AutoVoice”, and then, scroll down, and select “Recognized”.

autovoice recognised

  • Tap on the edit button next to “Configuration” (it looks like a pencil). Then, tap on “Commands”.

configuration commands

  • Here, enter the variations of commands you want to use. I’m just using “find”, since I’m using the lite version of the AutoVoice app. Then, tap on “OK”.

enter command and ok

  • Now, tap on the tick mark on the top right of the screen. Go back. You will be asked to create a “Task”. Tap on “New Task“.

accept and new task

  • Give your task a name (I’m using “FindTask”), and then tap on the tick mark.

name the task

  • Now, tap on the “+” button on the bottom of the screen to create a new Action. Tap on “Audio”.

add audio action

  • Tap on “Media Volume“, and set it to a high value (like, 10). Then, just go back.

change media volume

  • Tap on “+” again. This time, tap on “Alert“, and select “Beep“.

alert beep

  • Set a duration for the beep. The time is in milliseconds, so set it accordingly. I’m using 5001ms.. Also set the amplitude to a comfortable value. Then, go back.

set time and amplitude

Your Tasker profile is now created, and will activate anytime AutoVoice hears the phrase “find” (or whatever you set it to be).

Use AutoVoice with Google Home: Triggering Tasker Profiles

You can now use the Tasker profile via Google Home. Try this out:

  • Say “Ok Google” to your Google Home. When it wakes up, say “talk to AutoVoice“.
  • AutoVoice will then prompt you for the command. Simply say the command you created, and Tasker will start playing the beep we set up.

You can create different Tasker profiles, each activated by different phrases, and hot words, and begin controlling your Android phone through Google Home.

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Easily Control your Android Phone from Google Home with AutoVoice and Tasker

Now that AutoVoice can be integrated with Google Home, it’s only a matter of time before all sorts of imaginative, and useful Tasker profiles start popping up to be used with Google Home, and AutoVoice. I encourage you to play around with AutoVoice, and Tasker. They’re really powerful tools, and can automate almost everything on your Android device. While the AutoVoice app with Google Home integration is still in beta, it should be out for the public, very soon. So, if you don’t want to install a beta version of the app, you just have a few days to wait.

As always, I’ll like to know your thoughts on Google Home integrating with Tasker plugins like AutoVoice. Have you ever wanted to trigger Tasker profiles on your phone from Google Home? Do share your thoughts, and views in the comments section below.

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  • GP says:

    i have to leave a comment…i feel really dumb, im a network admin professionally…and for the past couple of weeks i have yet to find an informative but simply put worded guide on autovoice and tasker via GH (google home). I know many IT things but do not know AV and tasker at all. Thanks Akshay for doing this as i have poured over many articles simplifying what A, B and C do. I have already accomplished what said above…somewhat. I have paid for all the unlockers and am a beta tester and so forth. I have used the natural language to “beep” my phone as such. However I want to do 3 things:

    1. make my phone do sms via GH

    2. make my phone initiate calls via GH

    3. automate Kodi via yatse (unlocked paid version) via tasker, AV and GH

    number 1 & 2 i actually havent done yet but i think i can fumble my way around to make it work. For #3…trying to find detailed info on this is like looking for a needle in a haystack. i have only found a couple of mentions of this like ” you can integrate Kodi with autovoice” or “it works with kodi too with some tweeking”. And I seen a couple of videos with someone telling Kodi to play Titanic…but no one elaborates on exactly how to do this or if this is for local content only. Its very frustrating and hope someone reading this will push me in the right direction. I want to be able to search…yes “SEARCH” for movies and tv shows on Kodi’s addons, (not local content), via GH, AV, Tasker and Yatse….CAN SOMEONE HELP?? Thanks and great simplified article as you helped me understand exactly what each app does and integrates…kudos!

  • Carlos says:

    Looks good, my problem setting it up is that when I go into “More SEttings”. It shows my account and does not show anywhere to link to AutoVoice?

    • HoochieMamma says:

      It’s because you don’t have the language set to US english.

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