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Google Messages Working on End to End Encryption for RCS Messaging

Google has been working on RCS for a long time. The service is a competitor to Apple's famed iMessage, and it offers a lot of iMessage...

Galaxy S20 Users Can Now Send or Receive RCS Messages on Windows PCs

Microsoft has partnered with Samsung to bring RCS to Windows PCs via the Your Phone app that allows users to mirror their smartphone screens...
RCS vs iMessage: Which one is better and why

RCS Chat vs iMessage: Which One Is Better and Why?

iMessage is an integral part of the Apple ecosystem - and probably the most loved component of the platform. Ask any iDevice owner about...
How to Enable RCS Messaging on Your Android Phone

How to Enable RCS Messaging on Your Android Phone

RCS, the next generation of SMS protocol, finally seems to be coming to users. Boasting a slew of notable features like high-res photo &...

Google RCS Finally Working in India

It seems that Google has been working on RCS for as long as I can remember. The company has had many setbacks and delays...

Google Is Killing Off Allo to Refocus on RCS and Messages App

Back in April when Google temporarily suspended the development for Allo, I was almost certain that the company would kill it sooner rather than...

Samsung Partners with Google to Bring RCS Support to Galaxy Flagships

Google has been pushing hard on the RCS front, as it looks to bring the next-generation of SMS to more users. One surefire way...