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Google Hires Sony PSVR Co-Creator Richard Marks For Advanced Technology Group

In a sign that Google is up to something new in the gaming business, the search engine giant has hired Richard Marks, a former...

Sony Announces PSVR Games Set to Arrive in Spring This Year

VR is touted to be the next big thing in gaming, and manufacturers as well as developers are working at full steam to bring...
Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-ality Featured

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality and Collector’s Edition out April 10

When it comes to VR gaming on consoles, Sony's PlayStation VR is at the top of the herd. Add to that the fact that...

PlayStation VR’s Library of Games to Expand Up to 280 Titles Next Year

VR has emerged as the standout technology of the past few years, and one particular domain where major strides were made last year was...
15 Best PSVR Games to Play in 2017

15 Best PlayStation VR Games You Should Be Playing

The Sony PlayStation VR was launched in the fall of 2016, and in less than 2 years, it has brought about the Virtual Reality experience...