Apple, LG, and Valve Invest in Microdisplay Startup eMagin for AR and VR Headset Displays

Apple, LG Invest in eMagin for AR and VR Headset Microdisplays

As technologies such as virtual and augmented reality become major attractions for electronic companies, they are looking to move away from Google Cardboard-style headsets...
iPhone X Burn in

OLED Displays by Sharp Could Cut Apple’s Dependency on Samsung

Apple's move to go OLED with the iPhone X has compelled many manufacturers to mimic the step with their flagships and mid-range devices. Samsung,...
OLED Shortage Causes Chinese Manufacturers to Seek Mini LED as an Alternative

iPhone X Effect: OLED Shortage Pushes Chinese Smartphone Giants Towards Mini LED Displays

Apple's adoption of OLED displays for its iPhones has motivated other manufacturers to adopt the display technology. But the limited production of OLED displays...
What is QLED DIsplay and How Does It Differ From OLED?

What is QLED Display and How Does It Differ From OLED?

Display panel technology didn't change a great deal in the last century, at least not at the consumer level anyway. Televisions and computer monitors...

POLED vs OLED: What Are The Differences?

LED displays, in their various avatars, have become the most popular display technology for consumer gadgets these days. LED, OLED, AMOLED, and other such...
LCD vs OLED vs AMOLED Difference Explained

LCD vs. OLED vs. AMOLED: Difference Explained

There was once a time when smartphones were a luxury; now they are a necessity. Almost everywhere you look you will find somebody casually...