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New Deepfake detection tool

New AI Tool Analyzes Reflection in People’s Eyes to Detect Deepfakes

Following the rapid development of AI-based technologies, fooling the masses with deepfake images and videos has become easier than ever. Citing its potential risks...
Wombo.ai Lets You Create Singing Faces of You and Others

This AI Lip Sync App Can Make Your Favorite Character Sing & It’s Hilarious

AI-driven deepfake apps are becoming the next big trend. Just after MyHeritage, the app that animates old photos went viral, we have yet another...
How Detect Deepfake Videos to Prevent Online Disinformation

How to Detect Deepfake Videos to Prevent Online Disinformation

With deepfakes becoming increasingly more sophisticated, it is harder than ever to tell the difference between what's real and what's not. Today, we will...

This Deepfake App Helps You Make Fun GIF Memes

Just when you thought the wave of deepfakes has come to an end, a new app is here to prove you wrong. Instead of...
Facebook building its own OS to counter Android

Facebook Cracks Down on Deepfakes, Updates Privacy Checkup Tool

Besieged by allegations of privacy violations ever since the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal came to light a couple of years ago and faced with...
8 Best Deepfake Apps You Can Try for Fun

China Bans ‘Deepfake’ Videos to Root Out Fake News

China has introduced new regulations banning internet sites, apps and services from hosting, publishing or distributing morphed images and videos without explicit warning. Slated...
8 Best Deepfake Apps You Can Try for Fun

8 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites You Can Try for Fun

Deepfake videos are on the rise and this time, a deepfake Chinese app named Zao has taken the internet by storm. It lets you...