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Chrome extension laser cat

This Extension Recruits a Cute Laser-Shooting Cat to Destroy Webpages

Since Google Chrome started supporting extensions, we have seen several developers and software designers come up with useful tools for the browser. However, "Laser...
Podcastle text to podcast converter chrome extension

This AI-Based Chrome Extension Lets You Convert Any News Article Into a Podcast

Being a content writer means scavenging through several news articles per day to get the right content for audiences. However, reading through all those...
TV Chart feat.

How to Display IMDb Ratings in Netflix in Chrome

As most of the population of the world is sitting indoor due to the Coronavirus-led lockdowns, streaming platforms like Netflix are having one busy...
This Chrome Extension Helps You Identify Text Generated by AI

This Chrome Extension Helps You Identify Text Generated by AI

We live in an age where AI's are getting better and better to generate chunks of text that could sound just human. In fact,...

This Chrome Extension Lets You Read Comments While Watching YouTube Videos

YouTube comments are something most of us check when we are watching a video. However, there is always a slight inconvenience of scrolling down...
YouTube Rabbit Hole - chrome extension

This Chrome Extension Helps Reduce Clutter and Distractions on YouTube

Have you ever stretched after a lengthy YouTube viewing session and posed this question yourself, why am I watching this video again? How did...

Adblock Plus Maker’s Chrome Extension Uses Blockchain to Spot Fake News

Fake news is one of the most troubling aspects of today's hyperconnected world with its focus on social media. It has led to all...