Chrome extension laser cat

This Extension Recruits a Cute Laser-Shooting Cat to Destroy Webpages

Chrome extension laser cat

Since Google Chrome started supporting extensions, we have seen several developers and software designers come up with useful tools for the browser. However, “Laser Cat” is an extension that is completely useless, but it is super-fun for those who like cats, oh, and lasers too!

Frontend developer and co-founder of an idea-management startup, Ideanote, Andreas Mehlsen (@AndreasMehlsen) built this crazy Chrome extension just to have some fun while browsing the web. So, this tool does nothing but adds a cute, laser-shooting cat in Chrome that can destroy any picture, text, or icon on a webpage.

Destroy Webpages Like a Pro

Now, Laser Cat is available on the Chrome Web Store and you can add it to your browser to start destroying webpages. The cat meows and shoots webpage-destructing laser rays with an adorable “pew pew” sound effect.

So, once you add the tool to your browser, you can activate it on any webpage to wipe that page out. There is also the option to keep the cat always at the bottom of your screen, even when it’s not active.

The extension features a dark mode that turns the drop-down menu and the cat into dark colors. Not sure what is the use of darkening just the cat and the menu and not the browser itself, but we always love dark mode, don’t we?

Chrome extension laser cat

Moreover, apart from the laser-shooting cat, the developer also created two other fun characters – the Angry Alien and the Hungry Frog. However, to add these additional characters, you have to buy them for a price of Rs 60 (~$0.81) apiece.

Chrome extension laser cat

So, if you obsess with cats and lasers, and destroying webpages, then I am sure you are going to love this fun extension.

Currently, it is only supported by Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. However, Mehlsen says that he will be making it available for other browsers in the near future.

Get “Laser Cat” from Chrome Web Store

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