TV Chart feat.

How to Display IMDb Ratings in Netflix in Chrome

TV Chart feat.

As most of the population of the world is sitting indoor due to the Coronavirus-led lockdowns, streaming platforms like Netflix are having one busy season. While there are a million TV shows and movies on Netflix, finding the right one to watch sometimes becomes a task. I, for one, struggle a lot with this as I keep scrolling, hoping to find something preferable to watch. But then I end up closing the window and just go to sleep. However, with TV Chart, I can now finally check the ratings of a show before starting it and find the right show to binge on.

TV Chart is a nifty Chrome extension that enables IMDb ratings of a TV show right within Netflix. Just install the extension on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and you’re good to go.

So, how does it work? I hear you ask. Well, it is as simple as a vanilla ice-cream. After installing the extension on your browser, just head to your Netflix account and start browsing your list. As soon as you find something intriguing, just hover your pointer over it to expand the thumbnail. Now, look for a tiny chart icon in the information box of the selected show.

TV Chart 1

Note: If your autoplay for Netflix is turned on, then the information for the show comes for a brief moment only. And with the information, that icon also disappears after a few seconds. So, consider disabling autoplay in Netflix.

Once you find the icon, click on it to reveal a full-size chart of IMDb ratings. This chart shows a graph based on the ratings of the show. You can hover your pointer over the points in the chart that depict the episodes and their ratings.

At first, the chart will show the ratings of all the episodes of every season of the series. However, if you want the ratings for a specific season, you can go to the top right corner of the chart and select your preferred season of the series for which you want the ratings.

Now, one flaw of this tool is that it shows ratings of TV shows only (that too, not all of them) and not movies. So, for movies, you still have to rely on the Google search. Other than this, TV Chart works just fine.

TV Chart 2

We have featured a couple of useful Chrome extensions for Netflix such as Netflix Party and Vemos. However, for me personally, I think this is the best of them all as it solves my life-long problem of choosing a new show to watch.

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