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Realme 2 Pro Camera Review: Decent Enough But Not The Best

The new Realme 2 Pro, which was launched earlier today, is being hailed as a contender which can challenge the dominance of Xiaomi, and...

Panavision Unveils the Millennium DXL2 Camera With a Monstrous 8K Sensor

We live in times when cinematographers have broken the barriers of visuals in a movie, thanks to the breakthroughs in the camera technology. Panavision,...
The Fastest Camera In The World Puts Light To Shame

The Fastest Camera In The World Puts Light To Shame

Swedish researchers at the Lund University have built the fastest camera the world has ever seen. For starters, this camera can film at 5 trillion...

3 Best Hyperlapse Apps for Android You Can Use

Smartphone photography has gained a lot of importance in the recent years. Manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, HTC, Huawei and others are putting in a...

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