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wearable device uses body heat to charge devices

This Tiny Wearable Device Uses Your Body Heat to Charge Electronic Devices

Over the past few years, we have seen a massive boom in the development of wearable technologies. Researchers and companies have come up with...
How to Check iPhone Battery’s Cycles

How to Check iPhone Battery Charge Cycles

Whether you have noticed an unexpected battery draining issue on your iPhone and can't figure out what's ailing the device or you are curious...
stretchable batteries

Researchers Develop Stretchable Batteries for Foldable Devices

One of the major hurdles smartphone makers face while designing a foldable phone is accommodating the battery. Unlike foldable displays, we do not have...
How to Check MacBook Pro Battery Health

How to Check MacBook Pro Battery Health

Maybe you have noticed a drastic reduction in your MacBook Pro's battery life recently or just wish to find out the actual condition of...
How to Generate Battery Report in Windows 10 (2019)

How to Get Battery Report in Windows 10 to Monitor Battery Health

If you've used a Windows 10 PC, you'd know that the platform does not necessarily share a lot of info on the battery of...

HP Issues Worldwide Laptop Battery Recall Over Fire Hazard Concerns

It's a bad time to be a computer owner, or for that matter, to own any smartphone, use a cloud server or data center....
5 Best Android Apps to Visualize Battery, RAM, CPU Levels

5 Best Android Apps to Visualize Battery, RAM, CPU Usage

One of the signs of being a geek is that you always keep an eye on how much your device's battery, RAM or CPU is...

How to Fix Battery Problems in iPhone 7

So, you got a brand new iPhone 7 and have been playing with it day in and day out. It's fresh and novel, and...