Xiaomi's New Battery Technology to Increase Capacity by up to 10%

Xiaomi’s New Battery Technology to Increase Capacity by up to 10%

Xiaomi's New Battery Technology to Increase Capacity by up to 10%

Xiaomi (and various other OEMs) has been working on various battery technologies, however, the focus has largely been on the phone’s fast-charging, as well as wireless charging capabilities. The latest “breakthrough” battery tech has a different motive, though. Xiaomi has announced a new battery tech that will deliver 10% more power than a traditional one. Let’s understand how Xiaomi makes this possible.

Xiaomi’s New Tech Will Increase Battery Capacity

Xiaomi recently took to the Chinese micro-blogging platform Weibo for the announcement. In a document, the company detailed its new battery technology that promises to deliver a 10% increase in capacity, while retaining the same given volume of a smartphone battery. It will provide 100 minutes of additional power for smartphones.

Xiaomi says that the new battery technology includes more electrode silicon content (up to three times more) than your traditional mobile batteries. It also comes in an improved packaging technology that shrinks the control circuits, making the battery smaller. Simply put, the new Xiaomi battery packs more power in a smaller package.

To put things into perspective, a smartphone that has say, a 5,000mAh battery, will be able to fit a 5,500mAh unit in the same space. You can check out a comparison image of existing batteries and Xiaomi’s new battery tech attached right below.

Xiaomi tech with small battery and more capacity

Other than this, Xiaomi has developed a special “fuel gauge” chip to safeguard the battery and increase its longevity. This will be ensured with built-in support for intelligent capabilities to prevent unnecessary battery wear, especially during overnight charging sessions. Also, a temperature management solution is also included but it remains to be seen how Xiaomi manages this aspect.

Xiaomi says that it will start mass-producing the new batteries from the second half of 2022. So, we can expect the company to deliver its 2022 flagship smartphones with the new high-powered batteries. While this doesn’t sound like a major change, it can help OEMs pack in more charge in smaller batteries and won’t even require to make extra space to fit in a big battery.

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