Strangers Met on Google+ and Penned a Collaborated Novel on it

After a long time i found an interesting social media story. This story comes from Taiwan, China.

This is a story of Gso Tseng and the strangers, who he met on Google+.

Though they all belong to different walks of life, they all had different background, age and occupation but they all shared common interest of writing so they formed a close group on Google+ and later started writing collaborated short stories on Google docs.

After a year of collaborated writing, they have finally come up with the novel. They have self published it and designed the cover showing their love and gratitude towards Google+.

The novel’s title is, G+: Circle of Chickens.

Here’s the Picture of all the contributors of the novel with the published copies in their hands.

G+ Circle of Chickens.

Unfortunately, the novel is written in Chinese language. So, the people who don’t know Chinese can’t read it.

Here’s the Link to the Google+ post in which Gso Tseng mentioned about his novel, share it as much as possible so that this story can inspire as many lives as possible.

As a matter of fact, this is not just about Google+ or Google docs, It is about the right use of social media, if we are clear what we are looking for while using various social media sites, we can get a lot more than what we expect.

I hope you liked the post. Comment below, I’d like to hear your thoughts about this story.

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