Stellar Blade New Combat Moves Spotted on PlayStation Store; See Here

PlayStation reveals Stellar Blade Combat attacks cover
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In Short
  • PlayStation has revealed the combat system of Stellar Blade before it releases on April 26, 2024.
  • Stellar Blade will have four types of attacks in the combat system: Basic attacks, Beta skills, Burst Skills, and Ranged attacks.
  • As per the official website, Beta skills and Burst skills are related to the skill tree system, which can be upgraded.

Every day we come closer to the Stellar Blade launch date, we get more excited. Be it the story that we got at the State of Play event or the director talking about the character’s design, the hype is unreal. To add fuel to that fire, new combat moves from the game have now been spotted through some footage on the official website. Let’s talk about them.

Stellar Blade: Revealed Moves List

With four types of attacks, Stellar Blade seems fun and great on the combat part. Here are the attacks and moves list shown in the footage:

  • Basic attacks
  • Beta attacks
  • Burst attacks
  • Ranged attack

Now that you know the moves’ names, let’s discuss each attack in Stellar Blade in more detail. First, we will have a look at the basic attacks, as we will probably use them for most of the gameplay. The basic attacks are performed with the one-handed blade by the protagonist. Despite being just a normal attack, the combo seems effective and has some amazing animations. It also shows a different flair on the final blow of the combo. The combos can vary depending on the keys you smash, but the effects will definitely be quick, sharp, and brutal.

Video Courtesy: PlayStation

Every time you hit any enemy using the blade, the Beta energy charges up. Beta energy will allow you to use Beta skills that deal with critical blows. As the Beta skill is connected to the skill tree, you can always upgrade it according to your preferences. Use Skill kits at the base to upgrade the Skill tree.

Video Courtesy: PlayStation

Unlike other games, parry mechanics in Stellar Blade don’t seem like they will be frustrating. You can gather Burst energy if you counter enemy attacks with a Perfect Dodge, Blink, or Repulse. With the Burst energy, perform Burst skills and destroy enemies. You can acquire Burst skills at each region’s base camp kiosk.

Video Courtesy: PlayStation

While swordfight games stick to their swords forever, Stellar Blade brings guns to the mix. When an enemy staggers or you successfully deflect their attack, their weak spot becomes vulnerable. Aiming your long-range weapon at this exposed weakness deals significant damage. Additionally, you can modify your drone’s ammo types at the console for varied combat situations.

Video Courtesy: PlayStation

With Stellar Blade releasing on April 26, 2024, this combat reveal only boosts excitement. Are you also excited about Stellar Blade? Let us know in the comments below.

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