Starfield Sarah Morgan Romance Guide

Romance in RPG video games has become a staple feature, and Starfield is no different. With Bethesda confirming that you can romance your in-game companions, some of you may be looking to try your chances with Constellation’s Sarah Morgan. She is one of the very first companions you come across in your journey and becomes a potential love interest for your character. However, much like the real world, to impress Sarah, you need to learn about her likes and dislikes and work to get into her good books. In this article, we will look at how to romance Sarah Morgan, the leader of Constellation, in Starfield.

We have penned down the dos and don’ts, including all the necessary information to reach a point where you can start a lovely relationship with her.

Romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield: Basic Tips

Meeting Sarah Morgan for the first time

Before you romance Sarah Morgan, you need to recruit her to your party. Fortunately, compared to other NPC companions in-game (such as Andreja), you can find and recruit Sarah early on in-game. If you follow the story mission “One Small Step” and visit Constellation Lodge for the first time, you will meet Sarah Morgan there.

Then, you have a choice to recruit her. And if you are reading this article, that means you have already recruited her in a temporary sense. When you continue playing the game and finish the mission “The Old Neighbourhood,” the game gives you the choice of making her a permanent companion. Of course, we want her as a permanent companion otherwise, what is the point of this article?

Now, to the important part. To impress Sarah Morgan, you need to select favorable actions and dialogues when conversing with her. If you make proper decisions, you will see a pop-up message on your top-right saying, “Sarah Morgan Liked It.” This is your cue you are on the right track.

Favorable choices will make Sarah Morgan like you, leading to romance in Starfield

Sarah Morgan: Likes and Dislikes

Talking about her likes, Sarah loves space exploration, science, and spaceships. As such, bring her to nearly every expedition possible and choose scientific responses during a conversation. That will increase your attractiveness to her. Furthermore, Sarah Morgan prefers diplomacy over conflict. She will like you if you successfully pass persuasion checks in Starfield at notable events.

The Vanguard History orientation

Her past at UC Navy means that she has a high sense of justice for any wrongdoing around her. Doing any dishonorable action around her will make her dislike you. This includes not accepting any malicious deals. Furthermore, you cannot become a vigilante since that’s not lawful. So, anything that remotely insinuates cruelty against enemies will repel her attractiveness towards you. You’ll have to tread the fine line and do things by the books to have a chance at romancing Sarah Morgan in Starfield. So, while adventuring with her, you always need to remember the following:

Space ExplorationUnlawful acts
ScienceUnderhanded tactics
SpaceshipsTrying to run-and-gun through situations
Lawful behaviorRuthlessness against enemies.
Ending conflict through conversation

How to Flirt and Romance Sarah Morgan

Once you have reached a certain favorability with the companion, Sarah will mention that she wants to talk with you for a moment. These conversations can happen at any given moment, so it is hard to pinpoint an exact timeline. In my playthrough, she talked with me twice — once at Moon and next at The Eye, located in the orbit of Jemison. The second time she speaks to you is important, as this is where you try to impress her during the dialogue. Choose the following options:

  • You never mentioned your predecessor before.
  • I feel like we are making some good memories of our own.
  • Being paired with the boss might be quite an honor.
  • I can relate to that.
  • So I’ve noticed.
  • Oh. Is she, uh…dead?
  • I’ll do my best to make our journey just as pleasant.

If you successfully do it, you get the option to flirt with her. Close your eyes, and select this choice. Congratulations, you have planted the seeds of love and are one step closer to romancing her.

Flirt with Sarah Morgan to start your romance with her in Starfield

Moving forward, have a conversation with her whenever she wants to talk. If you get the option to flirt, definitely do it. Doing it makes her open up about her UC Navy life and an incident where she crash-landed a spaceship and lost her crew. This kickstarts the quest called “In Memoriam” in Starfield. We won’t spoil the quest for you because it is a sweet storyline we want you to experience.

Note: Before you do this quest, remember that if the “A High Price To Pay” quest is activated, choose to go to The Eye. You will be able to progress the storyline properly.

Successfully finish the quest to receive the dialogue option to Romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield. Voila! You and Sarah Morgan are now romantically involved in Starfield. Later, you will have the opportunity to marry her, but we haven’t reached that portion of the game. We will update the article with that information soon, so stay tuned.

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