Starfield Persuasion system

How the Starfield Persuasion System Works (Explained)

Choices make role-playing games a fun experience, and while Starfield doesn’t offer many of them, it allows you to persuade your way out of a situation. While older Bethesda titles always gave you a simple skill check for speeches, Starfield brings a new persuasion system to the table. Moreover, the ability to persuade people in Starfield has new quirks added to it. So, in this guide, let’s understand the new persuasion system introduced in Starfield. While it fundamentally works similarly to past persuasion systems, it brings some elements you need to take care of. With that being said, here is how it works.

How Does Persuasion Work in Starfield

Sometimes, when you interact with a few individuals in Starfield, you’ll get an option to persuade them to sway the situation in your favor. This is the persuasion system in Starfield, which will be provided to you as a conversation option. Before you select it, we recommend you save the game. If you want to stick to your choices, then keep playing. Here’s how it works:

  • Before you perform a persuasion skill check, you need to have the “Persuasion” skill unlocked in the skill tree.
  • Moreover, if you select Diplomat, Industrialist, Sculptor, or Space Scoundrel as your Starfield background, you’ll gain one skill point automatically in Persuasion. Of course, you can still attempt to persuade an NPC. However, having the skill makes your life easier.
Trying to Respec the Persuasion skill point in Starfield
  • When you select the word “Persuade,” you begin the persuasion skill check. Players then have the option to choose various dialogues.
The persuasion options in Starfield
  • Bethesda color codes the Persuasion dialogues for easier understanding. The green ones are easier to perform, the orange ones are harder, and the red ones are the hardest.
  • Additionally, the color corresponds to the tone of the dialogue. Green ones are dialogues where you try to be empathetic with the speaker. Orange ones are where you try to be rational, while red ones are where you try to threaten.
The color-coded dialogue options in Persuasion
  • Right below the speech box is a Persuasion meter. This bar needs to be filled to perform a successful persuasion skill check. Failure to fill it up will result in an unsuccessful skill check.
  • Right beside the persuasion meter, you see the number of turns. This determines the number of tries you have to persuade an NPC in Starfield. By default, you can try persuading someone three times.
The persuasion success bar in Starfield
  • Right beside the dialogues, you will see some numbers. This determines how much that dialogue contributes to filling the Persuasion meter. So, if there is a +2 dialogue, it will fill two bars of the Persuasion meter in Starfield.
The attempt to continue persuading
  • Finally, you have an Auto-Persuade button beside the Persuasion bar. This button fills up with each successful Persuasion skill check. Depending on your persuade bar progress, it can either help you persuade, or it will fill up the bar.
The auto persuasion option

How to Improve Your Persuasion Chances in Starfield

Starfield allows you to temporarily or permanently improve your Persuasion chances during the encounters. There are various ways to go about it, and exploring each sounds logical.

1. Level Up Your Persuasion Skill

The skill-tree

As mentioned previously, you need to have Persuasion skills if you want to become a smooth-talker and talk your way out of certain situations. However, you can improve your persuasion by leveling up this skill in Starfield. By default, selecting the skill increases your chances to succeed by 10%. If you level up, your chances to succeed increase by 20%, 30%, and 50% with each rank, respectively.

2. Drink Alcohol in Starfield

While I cannot confirm if you become charismatic in real life after getting drunk, Starfield allows you to become persuasive if you drink alcohol. Certain alcohols like beer and wine temporarily boost your persuasion skill checks. So, if you have some booze in your inventory, chug it before starting an encounter.

3. Take Chems and Medicines

Just like alcohol, some medicines and chems in Starfield will boost your persuasion chances. Hence, tracking and consuming them before starting an encounter will help you pass the persuasion skill checks. These particular medicines are rare to stumble upon, but if you come across them, definitely consume them.

The persuasion mini-game in Starfield improves the old Bethesda skill-check system to include a fun mini-game that leads to some nail-biting situations.

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