How to Find and Use Digipicks for Lockpicking in Starfield

Starfield, like other action-packed RPGs, comes with its own loot mechanics. However, getting to those credits isn’t as easy as opening a box, as there is a fair bit of tinkering required. The game gives the player digipicks to finesse through the various locks across the various star systems and planets in Starfield. So, we are here to help the ones who find the process a bit complicated. Follow along as we explain how lockpicking in Starfield works and how you can get your hands on some digipicks.

How Does Lockpicking Work in Starfield

Unfortunately, Starfield doesn’t do a particularly good job telling players how to unlock a safe or how digipicking works in the game. While it’s like any other puzzle, gamers can quickly get confused between all the various locks and their inability to solve them. However, the basic thing you need to know is that lockpicking in Starfield follows a circular mechanism in which you insert various picks in the right layers to break the lock.

lockpick intro starfield

Each lock comes with multiple circular layers. The player needs to use the provided digipicks to insert the pins in the empty gaps of each layer before proceeding to the next. You can spin your digipick configurations to find the right slot and then proceed to slot the key. However, do note that once you lock the key, it will cost you one lockpick to remove it. Furthermore, regardless of what you do, every lock in Starfield will requries a digipick. However, it’s best to show you all this to clarify it, so keep reading below.

How to Lockpick a Safe in Starfield Using Digipicks

While the above explanation does make things a bit clear, the best way to learn is by doing. So follow along as we solve the first lockpicking puzzle we encounter in Starfield together.

  • To begin, walk up to the lock and press “A” on your controller or “E” on your keyboard, respectively. If this is your first time, you will see the unhelpful tutorial screen above. You will now see a host of inner and outer rings combined. Our objective is to fit our digipicks into the empty rings of the lock.
keys must match starfield
  • Rotate the digipick using the controller or mouse and line it up with the empty layers. Confirm your choice once it fits perfectly, and the first layer will be solved. This will open up the next layer.
  • If the first digipick variation doesn’t do it for you, remember you have more of them to insert. More difficult locks will come with keys you don’t actually need to use, so be careful.
How to Find and Use Digipicks for Lockpicking in Starfield
  • As before, keep sliding the digipicks until you find the correct slot. Once again, slot the key using the primary button on your mouse or controller.
second slot starfield
  • Follow the steps above and match the digipicks to the final layer to pick the lock and get the loot.
final slot starfield
  • And there you have it. You have successfully picked your first lock in Starfield. However, do note that depending on the security level, the lock might get harder.
How to Find and Use Digipicks for Lockpicking in Starfield

Where Can You Find Digipicks in Starfield?

Thankfully, digipicks are not a rare commodity in the Starfield universe. The player first collects these handy lockpicks when they stumble upon the body of a Xenobiologist, Dr. Hayden Wynn. You can then collect more digipicks and use them in a puzzle that comes up almost immediately.

Dr hayden wynn starfield

Furthermore, players can get digipicks from various sources, both living and dead. Getting a lockpick set is as easy as walking into a general store and purchasing one for 35 credits. One such location is the Mercantile Shop in New Atlantis.

If you have the Theft skill because of an apt Starfield background, you can simply pickpocket the digipicks off other people. However, one can even find it off dead bodies like we do at the start. Nonetheless, they all work the same way. Another thing to point out here is that you should invest in upgrading your “Security Skill” to crack advanced locks and even get auto unlocks if you hate lockpicking in Starfield.

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