Where to Buy and Get More Ammo in Starfield

The space is filled with ruffians willing to kill us, and Starfield includes guns to combat that problem. Humanity might have colonized the far reaches of space, but you will still have to deal with two issues constantly; the dregs of society and running out of ammo for your guns. Starfield features several weapons for you to discover and use, but ammo can become scarce when you use them frequently. Furthermore, once you run out of ammo, it becomes difficult to track it down in-game.

In this article, we will try to help you with your ammo problems by mentioning various ways to get ammo in Starfield. By the end of this post, I’m pretty sure you will know where to buy ammo and never run out of it.

How to Get More Ammo in Starfield

One problem you’ll face early on in Starfield is tracking down the ammo for a particular weapon. While guns are available in abundance in-game, finding ammo clips can be tricky. The game never explains where to get it from. However, there are two methods to get ammo:

1. Steal Ammo from Dead Enemies

Looting ammo from deadbodies

The first confirmed way to obtain ammo and even guns in Starfield is from the spacers you fight throughout your journey. Every spacer carries a particular type of weapon and looting them after their death is the best way to get back your ammo count.

The Spacers and other enemies generally have the ammo for Grendel. Hence, if you are running out of 7.7mm ammo, this is the best way to get some additional ammo. Spacers, mercs, and others carry ammo for other types of weapons. Hence, it is always wise and morally correct to loot the dead bodies of your enemies in Starfield.

2. Buy Ammo from UC Distribution Center

If you are not getting your desired type of ammo from dead bodies, there is an easier way to get it. Though the game never mentions where to go if you want to buy ammo, you can visit UC Distribution Centers to purchase some ammo for your guns. However, you need to ensure that you have sufficient credits with you. To find the locations for UC Distribution Centers, follow the steps below.

  • Land at New Atlantis settlement on Jemison planet in the Alpha Centauri Star System.
  • From here, fast-travel to the commercial district. Read our Starfield fast travel guide to learn how to do that.
Commercial District where UC Distro sells ammo in Starfield
  • At the commercial district, walk straight to find the UC Distribution Center building on your right. Enter the building.
UC Distribution Center in Starfield
  • Talk with the person behind the counter to purchase whatever item you want. Choose the option — “I’d like to see what you have on sale.
Talk to the counter lady to purchase ammo in Starfield
  • Inside the menu, go to ammo and purchase the ones your gun requires.
  • Each gun uses specific ammo in Starfield. As such, ensure you have checked what ammo type your gun needs.

And that is how you get yourself more ammo for your guns. The process is straightforward. However, Starfield could’ve added an ammo discovery tutorial during its first two hour of hand-holding.

Improve Your Chances to Get Ammo in Starfield

Where to Buy and Get More Ammo in Starfield

Since Starfield is an RPG where you unlock skills from a skill tree, there is a way to increase your chances of getting ammo during looting. Leveling up your “Scavenging” skill to level 2 unlocks the ability to find weapon ammos while checking containers. You will randomly find ammo while searching containers in Starfield. However, that chance increases after unlocking this skill, giving you weapon ammo during every container search. Getting the skill is also easy, and you’ll immediately be able to level it up.

Another skill that we suggest you unlock is the “Deception” skill that lets you smuggle contraband in Starfield. How are you enjoying the game so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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