How to Get Starfield Adoring Fan (& How to Get Rid of Him)

Veteran Bethesda gamers who have been playing titles like Fallout and Elder Scrolls long enough know that the publisher has numerous elements it carries over in its new installments. The company’s latest game, Starfield, has its fair share of things one can find in previous IPs. One such seemingly happy or annoying element is the Adoring Fan, an NPC who first introduced himself in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. However, did you know that the adoring fan is back in Starfield? If you are a gamer who wants to recruit him or someone who wants to know who the adoring fan is, you have come to the right place. Let’s dive right in!

Who Is the Adoring Fan in Starfield?

The Adoring Fan is an NPC that has immense devotion for you and constantly follows you around. True to his name, the fan completely adores the players and keeps reminding them of the same. He first appeared in the company’s Elder Scrolls: Oblivion game. Bethesda decided to bring back the fan centuries later to seemingly throw in a bit of nostalgia.

How to Get Starfield Adoring Fan (& How to Get Rid of Him)
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While the Adoring Fan didn’t do much in the previous game, he can be recruited as one of the Starfield companions to help you. The fan comes with his own set of basic skills. These include Scavenging for extra loot, Concealment for sneak attacks, and Weight Lifting to help you carry your extra loads.

Furthermore, he even gives you little gifts as they travel beside you. However, the downside is that he won’t stop showering you with praise, which gets annoying after a few minutes. Nonetheless, if you want to learn how to recruit him, keep reading.

How to Recruit Adoring Fan in Starfield

To recruit the Adoring Fan in Starfield, you must choose the Hero Worshipped trait while creating your character. Since Starfield traits are optional, it’s easy to miss choosing the right one. Once you have chosen the trait, all you need to do is go about the game and continue playing it.

starfield adoring fan

The Adoring Fan will automatically make his appearance at a random time. For me and many other players, it was after my first visit to New Atlantis after I met the Constellation at their lodge. Once I was done with the mission, I walked around the city and was stopped by the fan. He then goes on a long ramble about how I am the champion and the “Bane of the Fleet.” If you want to keep recruiting him, agree whenever he asks for confirmation.

  • Starfield adoring fan dialouge
  • starfield adoring fan destiny

Finally, the Adoring Fan in Starfield will ask you if he can follow you around. If you’re sure you want the incessant praises and won’t push him off a cliff or leave him floating in space, choose the “Assign Crew” option. However, don’t worry if you accidentally recruit him since you can reject him later.

confirm adoring fan starfield

Congratulations, you have successfully recruited the Adoring Fan as a Starfield companion. Let’s see how long you last before you feel like pushing him off your spaceship.

How to Get Rid of the Adoring Fan

Thankfully, it’s easy to get rid of the Adoring Fan, even if he doesn’t like it, in Starfield. Begin a conversation with him and then follow the cues below.

  • On the first screen, choose “Do you mind if I ask you some personal questions?
personal questions starfield
  • Now choose “We need to talk about your fandom.” This will worry the fan, as he knows what’s coming.
Talking about Fandom to adoring fan starfield
  • Finally, either choose “Kindly get lost” or “[Attack] It’s time for you to go, Permanently.”
two options to dismiss him starfield

Choosing either will immediately dismiss the Adoring Fan and make him non-essential for you. However, note that if you dismiss him, he will take any items you gave him to hold, and you need to kill him to get them back. While you can still convince him to remain a fan, if you are tired enough, you might see no point in that. Nonetheless, that’s how easy it is to recruit and dismiss the Adoring Fan in Starfield.

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