Star Wars Outlaws Extended Gameplay Trailer Showcases the Game’s Universe

Star Wars outlaws Featured
In Short
  • Star Wars Outlaws showcases brand-new gameplay at the Ubisoft Forward showcase.
  • The showcase gives us a detail on how the dogfights in space work, and how a general mission structure in-game works.
  • Furthermore, there is seamless take-off and landing on every planet.

As Star Wars Outlaws inches towards its August 2024 launch, we get a brand-new extended look at the game at Ubisoft Forward 2024. Released at the event, the new extended gameplay trailer shows the game’s protagonists Yasku and Naoe in all their glory. We also briefly saw how ship battles and traveling in the open world work.

The Star Wars Outlaws extended gameplay trailer showcased a brand-new location called Acra Station. It is a smuggling outpost, a remnant from the Clone Wars era. The dregs of society come together to share information, smuggle items, and receive information for bounties. Here, you can earn information for your missions, or relax and participate in various activities.

The Star Wars Outlaw gameplay then shifts to space travel and dogfights. When you explore the space, you can come across NPCs getting attacked by miscreants. You can decide to assist them, helping you improve your standing with the various factions.

And yes, helping others will let you earn some credits. We also look at the seamless landing system of Star Wars Outlaws, where you select a location on the planet and the ship will then seamlessly land there.

We are then taken to Tatooine at Mos Isley, to do a job for the Hutt Cartel. The trailer gives us a glimpse of Tatooine, and any seasoned Star Wars fan can recognize the distinct structures of the planet.

The game will also cover parts of Mos Isley we’ve never seen before. Star Wars Outlaws lets you complete missions the way you want, and completing them will also give you more intel for future jobs. Overall, it does quite a few impressive things for an open-world Star Wars game where you don’t play as a Jedi. And, it has gotten me excited.

Star Wars Outlaws releases on August 30 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. That being said what do you think about Star Wars Outlaws? Let us know in the comments below!

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