Spotify May Soon Integrate Music Videos Into the ‘Now Playing’ Screen

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Spotify is planning to take a page out of YouTube Music’s playbook to add support for videos and make them accessible right from the ‘Now Playing’ tab. With this addition, you may be able to seamlessly switch between audio and video versions of a track.

App reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong managed to successfully enable the feature. According to Wong, video integration will exist as a separate tab, presumably one left swipe away from the Album Art. That is, there will be a total of three sections – Canvas (short looping videos), Album Art, and Video in Spotify’s Now Playing tab.

Image Courtesy: Jane Manchun Wong

The placeholder text reads “Thanks for your interest in video. We’re still exploring what could happen here”. It is evident that Spotify is in the process of figuring out agreements to source videos for its platform. We will, however, have to wait until the streaming giant officially announces the feature to learn more in terms of availability.

Although not as cohesive as YouTube Music and Spotify’s upcoming integration, it is also worth mentioning that popular Spotify alternative Apple Music has also had support for videos since 2018 through a dedicated section.

Spotify’s focus on integrating music videos doesn’t really come as a surprise, especially since the company is currently open to experimentations with video podcasts. All these changes are signs that Spotify is willing to strategically position itself as a full-fledged media streaming platform, rather than just fish in the ocean of music streaming apps.

So, would you be interested in watching music videos right within the Spotify app rather than the current one-stop destination YouTube? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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