Is Spider-Man in Venom: The Last Dance? Answered

In Short
  • The Venom 3 trailer shows us the fragment of Symbiote left by Eddie in the MCU being captured cancelling out Tom Holland's appearance.
  • Venom: The Last Dance trailer also shows us Rhys Ifans, the actor who played Dr. Curt Conners in The Amazing Spider-Man pointing toward Andrew Garfield's appearance in the movie.
  • Venom 3 is set to release on October 25, 2024.

The official trailer for Venom 3 dropped on Monday bringing back the iconic duo of Eddie Brock and Venom for the last time. The trailer itself gave us some pretty amazing footage which makes it seem like this movie is going to be epic. However, since Eddie Brock made an appearance in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home people have been speculating that Venom 3 will bring Eddie into the MCU which will be carried forward in Spiderman 4. So, is it happening? Is Spiderman going to be in Venom 3, let’s find out!

Venom 3 Trailer Cancels out MCU Spider-Man Theory

Venom 3 Trailer Cancels Out MCU Spider-Man Theory
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Sony Pictures Entertainment

In the post-credit of Spider-Man No Way Home, we see that some of the Venom Symbiote is left behind in the MCU. This gave rise to the speculation that somehow, it would find its way to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker which will finally give us the venomized version of Spider-Man. However, in the trailer for Venom: The Last Dance, Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character is seen capturing that Symbiote.

Now we are not sure if Venom 3 is taking place in the MCU or not because of a lack of information, but if it is, the Symbiote being captured like that cancels out the possibility of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, or the MCU Spider-Man appearing in Venom 3.

Can Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Appear in Venom 3?

Can Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Be In Venom 3?
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Sony Pictures Entertainment

Another theory that people have is the appearance of Andrew Garfield’s version of Spider-Man in Venom 3. Since Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and Venom are in the same universe, there was always a possibility of them crossing paths with each other. Now, the reason people think it’s going to happen this time is the appearance of Rhys Ifans in the trailer for Venom: The Last Dance.

He previously played the role of Dr. Curt Conners or Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man and if he is playing the same character there is a high possibility that we can see an appearance by Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man.

However, since there is no confirmation of this as such, these are all just speculations at this point. Marvel or Sony have not yet given any confirmation regarding the appearance of either version of Spider-Man in Venom 3 so let’s hope that we get to see something if another clip is ever released and wait till October 25, 2024, for the movie to release in theaters.

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