Spider-Man: The Great Web Trailer Leaked Online

Spider-Man The Great Web Trailer Leaked Cover
Image Courtesy: Insomniac Games & Sony
In Short
  • A new Spider-Man: The Great Web trailer leaked online that is presumably canceled.
  • The leaked trailer seems to be from the Insomniac files leaked earlier a couple of months ago.
  • In the trailer, we see Peter Parker, along with other variants of Spiderman fighting the Sinister Six.

Insomniac Games and Sony just can’t seem to catch their breath with the leaks. After Wolverine leaks a couple of months ago, a fresh leak from a now-canceled multiplayer Spidey game has surfaced in the form of a trailer. The game was due to be called “Spider-Man: The Great Web” and was a co-op in nature. The leaked trailer offers a glimpse of what could have been, showcasing a seemingly well-developed game.

Warning: Following words are based off of the leaked materials from Spider-Man trailer. We do not support the breach of Insomniac files.

Spider-Man: Beyond The Webs Leaked Trailer Details

According to the short trailer leaked online today, The Great Web was modeled around the multiverse concept. The video flawlessly showcases all variants of Spidermen from around the games, comics, and movies.

The video further shows the different Spidey fighting the Sinister Six around New York. Towards the end of the trailer, we see multiverse portals opening that further confirm that plot. According to reports from Insider Gaming, Scarlett Witch was to be behind this mess.

We also hear a narration from Yuri Lowenthal, who voices Peter Parker in all Spider-Man games made by Insomniac. In the narration, Yuri’s Spider-Man says,

‘New York City. Nothing in the whole world I wouldn’t do for this big, beautiful apple. One moment you’re scarfing down a slice from Vinnie’s, the next – you’re stopping a super-villain prison break. Sometimes you can swing it as a lone wolf, but you’re way better off with some friends. I’ve seen the Sinister Six before… But never so methodical – so savage. I don’t think I’m going to be enough this time, guys. But together, we just might be.’

After months of leaked images from Spider-Man: The Great Web, this is the first time we have witnessed the trailer. Although there is no evident reason behind the game’s cancelation, we can say it looks exciting for a multiplayer Spiderman game.

What are your thoughts on the Spider-Man: The Great Web trailer being leaked online? Are you interested in a live-service multiplayer Spiderman game? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE Insider Gaming
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