Alleged Spider-Man 3 Images Leak Online: No Peter Parker?

Spider-Man 2 in the DICE Awards
In Short
  • Modders working on a Spider-Man 2 PC port have revealed new screenshots for the upcoming Spider-Man 3 game.
  • The leaked images indicate Silk being a part of the next game while we see her swinging in Central Park in a new costume.
  • According to the leakers, these screenshots are a part of the data breach that also leaked Marvel's Wolverine and the canceled Spider-Man: The Great Web.

Ever since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 saw the light of day, rumors have been surfacing on all of Insomniac Games’ upcoming projects. Sadly, in a December ransomware attack, 1.6 terabytes of data including future development and canceled projects were leaked from the Insomniac Games database. Now it seems we might have some leaked Spider-Man 3 images from the same dump.

According to the images on the post, we see Cindy Moon’s Silk swinging through Central Park. This leak comes from the same group of people who are responsible for stealing the dev build of Spider-Man 2 and creating a PC mod.

In both screenshots, we see Silk swinging in her costume in a back and front view. However, the leakers have stated they are not sure if Silk’s costume is simply a mod or an actual build despite being comic-accurate.

Spider-Man 2 Teased Silk for the Next Game

If you still remember, towards the end of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we see Cindy Moon visiting Miles Morales. This tease indicates her involvement in the upcoming game. While the scene did not reveal her face or any other details, it is confirmed that Silk will be a part of the next edition.

Earlier, we had another leak regarding the canceled Spider-Man The Great Web experience. According to the leaks, it was meant to be a multiplayer Spider-verse game to introduce more of Peter Parker’s allies from other Web of Shadows. While that remains canceled, it seems Spider-Man 3 is far from being on showcase anytime soon.

Although Spider-Man 3 is still in the development stages, the costume still looks good and given Insomniac Games’ development process, they will take time before showing their highly-anticipated release.

What do you think about the possible Spider-Man 3 leak? Share your thoughts about Silk’s costume in the comments below.

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