All the Main and Side Missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac Games is finally out, bringing numerous new missions, side content, and more. With the game planning to be one of the bigger experiences compared to its predecessor, let us look at every mission and side-missions you can perform in Spider-Man 2. This article mentions all the confirmed main missions, along with every type of side quest available in-game.

Spoiler Warning: Our mission list below contains massive spoilers for Spider-Man 2 gameplay. Proceed at your risk.

List of Main Missions in Spider-Man 2

1. Surface Tension

Objective: Pursue and defeat Sandman with Miles
Location: Financial District
Rewards: 1900XP, Web Wings

2. One Thing At a Time

Objective: Peter and Miles begin repairing New York from Sandman’s damage as Ganke gets the FNSM app online
Location: Financial District
Rewards: +1 Skill Point, 700XP

3. Show Me New York

Objective: Peter takes shots around NYC for Robbie Patterson of the Daily Bugle (Minor Mission)
Location: Little Odessa
Rewards: No Rewards

4. Roll Like We Used To

Objective: Harry visits Peter, and the duo go through an adventure through their old high school. Harry offers Peter a job at the end. Kravem comes to New York while Peter asks Miles’ help at the R.A.F.T. for a transfer.
Location: Astoria
Rewards: 2000 XP

5. Not On My Watch

Objective: Martin Li’s transfer goes awry as Kraven kidnaps him. Miles is furious at his failure.
Location: Upper East Side
Rewards: 2000 XP

6. Amends

Objective: Miles reconnects with his uncle Aaron, aka the Prowler. The latter introduces him to Prowler Stashes
Location: Harlem
Rewards: Tech points, 400 XP

7. Healing The World

Objective: Peter visits the Emily & May Foundation; meets Dr. Connors, and accepts Harry’s offer
Location: Greenwich
Rewards: 2000XP

8. Bad Guys on the Block

Objective: Peter investigates the Hunter’s base and finds Kraven has killed Scorpion and Felicia (Black Cat) is in danger
Location: Chinatown.
Rewards: 2000 XP, Spider Web

9. Make Your Own Choices

Objective: MJ asks Miles to talk to Felicia for Peter. Miles helps her escape to Paris to stay with her girlfriend
Location: Midtown
Rewards: 2000 XP

10. Master Illusionist

Objective: Miles visits the fair with Ganke and visits one of Mysterio’s attractions. Runs into Peter, Harry & MJ but goes home instead.
Location: Downtown Brooklyn
Rewards: 2000 XP

11. A Second Chance

Objective: Peter, Harry & MJ also enjoy the fair. However, the Hunters attack and kidnap Tombstone, and Peter is forced to fight them. Harry discovers his Venom power and helps him. He also finds out Peter is Spider-Man.
Location: Downtown Brooklyn
Rewards: 2000 XP

12. Science Buddy

Objective: Peter visits the Emily-May Foundation (minor Mission)
Location: Greenwich
Rewards: 200 XP

13. Hunt To Live, Live To Hunt

Objective: Peter heads to the Steele Foundry to rescue Tombstone. Harry joins him, and the trio barely escapes.
Location: Williamsburg
Rewards: 2000 XP

14. Funky

Objective: Miles’ mom asks for help in stopping a museum robbery. Miles is partially successful.
Location: Harlem
Rewards: 2000 XP

15. Good Men

Objective: Dr Connors is captured by Kraven. Peter and Harry head to Hunter’s base to rescue him and MJ. Peter is stabbed by Kraven and almost dies. Harry accidentally gives Peter the Venom suit, which brings him back.
Location: Greenwich
Rewards: 2000 XP

16. The Flames Have Been Lit

Objective: Peter goes undercover to get the Lizard Serum from Kraven’s base. The game introduces the player to Shield Bearer enemies for the first time. Kraven encounters Peter and decides on Venom as his final hunt.
Location: Little Odessa
Rewards: 2250 XP

17. Stay Positive

Objective: Peter heads to Emily-May with Harry, to create a cure for Dr. Connors. However, Hunters attack and destroy the foundation.
Location: Greenwich
Rewards: 2250 XP

18. Wings of My Own

Objective: Miles investigates a Hunters’ transmission. The game introduces us to Talon Drones. Miles then visits his dad’s grave.
Location: Harlem
Rewards: 900 XP, Four rare tech parts.

19. New Threads

Objective: Peter investigates Dr. Connor’s house to find him. Hunters attack, with Connors converted to the Lizard at Harlem Fish Market. The player is switched to Miles and Peter back to back as they try to catch him, but only to fail. Miles starts noticing Peter’s change.
Location: Astoria
Rewards: 2250 XP.

20. It Chose You

Objective: Peter tracks down the Lizard underground. Spider-Man vs Lizard boss fight emerges. Peter wins and converts Dr. Connors back. The latter informs him the suit is a Symbiote and shows him the meteriote. Peter refuses to abandon the suit and leaves.
Location: Upper West Side
Rewards: 2250 XP.

21. Wake Up

Objective: Peter arrives home and sleeps, and Venom takes over. Hunters attack his home. MJ and Miles track Peter down, but Kraven sedates and kidnaps Miles. MJ barely escapes Venom. The latter wakes up the next day with no idea of what happened.
Location: Astoria
Rewards: 2250 XP

22. I’m the Hero Here

Objective: Peter meets Harry, but they argue (Minor Mission)
Location: Upper East Side
Rewards: 350 XP.

23. No Escape

Objective: Miles is still missing, so Rio enlists Peter’s help. We switch to Miles as he tries to escape but gets in a boss fight with Mister Negative. Miles helps Li escape but is still trapped himself.
Location: Harlem
Rewards: 2250 XP.

24. Anything Can Be Broken

Objective: Li informs Peter of Miles’ location. Spider-Man vs Kraven, the Hunter boss fight ensues. Peter defeats Kraven but is stopped by Miles from killing him. Miles and Peter fight, and Peter finally takes off the Venom suit.
Location: Chinatown
Rewards: 2250 XP.

25. Don’t Be Scared

Objective: Peter brings the symbiote to Harry, who uses it. Players get to play as Venom and escape Oscorp Tower. Venom vs. Kraven boss fight ensures. Venom ends up killing Kraven.
Location: Midtown
Rewards: 2250 XP

26. Trouble With Harry

Objective: Harry loses himself and starts converting humans into symbiotes. Peter and Miles try to track him down while rescuing Miles’ mom from underground.
Location: Hell’s Kitchen
Rewards: 2500 XP.

27. This Isn’t You

Objective: Harry visits MJ at Peter’s home. Converts her to Scream. Peter vs. Scream boss fight ensues. Peter ends up bringing MJ back.
Location: Astoria
Rewards: 2500 XP.

28. Set Things Right

Objective: Peter and Miles head to City Hall to track Harry. Martin Li helps clear corruption from Peter by giving him his powers. Players get the new Anti-Venom suit and its powers.
Location: Financial District
Rewards: 2500 XP

29. It’s All Connected

Objective: Harry takes the Venom meteorite from Dr. Connors and transforms the entire NYC.
Location: Midtown
Rewards: 500 XP.

30. Finally Free

Objective: Peter and Miles track down Harry/Venom to retrieve the meteorite. It turns out to be a misdirection as Venom escapes after fighting.
Location: Midtown
Rewards: 3000 XP.

31. Together

Objective: This is the final mission. Peter, Miles, and MJ form a plan to get the meteorite and destroy Venom together. We have multiple boss fights between Peter & Miles vs. Venom. However, the duo is successful at getting Venom off Harry. Harry goes into a coma while the game ends.
3000 XP.

All the Side Quests in Spider-Man 2

While the main missions take importance in the Spider-Man 2 experience, the game features numerous side quests to reel back and enjoy. Furthermore, finishing side-content helps you gain items and XP. Spider-Man 2 has a total of 10 types of side missions:

  • FNSM App Request
  • Prowler Stashes
  • The Flame
  • EMF Experiments
  • Cultural Museum
  • Hunter Blinds
  • Hunter Bases
  • Brooklyn Visions
  • Unidentified Targets
  • Symbiote Nests

And these are all the missions players will go through in Spider-Man 2. If you haven’t played the entire game yet, we suggest stepping back and checking out the best Spider-Man 2 tips and tricks first. Already done? Why don’t you move on to mastering Web Wings, then? Is there a particular mission you love? Drop your favorite in the comments below!

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