How to Unlock and Use Fast Travel in Spider-Man 2

Besides its remarkable story and gripping combat, which we talked about in our Spider-Man 2 review, the game is garnering attention for how seamless its fast travel system is. Unlike the previous 2018 title, fast travel in Spider-Man 2 is locked and must be unlocked, but mind you, it’s just so much better this time around. While the process itself is not so difficult, we decided to whip up a quick guide for you all to show you how to unlock and use fast travel in Spider-Man 2. So, without further ado, let’s swing to it.

Unlock Fast Travel in Spider-Man 2

If you have started playing Spider-Man 2, you will have already seen Insomniac put a lot of emphasis on mastering Web Wings. They are a cool addition, but there might be times when you don’t want to swing around but fast travel to the next mission.

Fast Travel in Spider-Man 2 is divided among various districts and locked in what the game is calling District Progress. Each section of NYC has its own District Progress Bar with three different tiers to complete. All of these tiers give some form of reward. To unlock this feature, players need to get to the second tier, after which they can fast travel to and from there.

Unlock Fast Travel Spider-Man 2

In order to fill the District Progress bar and unlock fast travel, Spider-Man 2 has various activities spread throughout each section of the map. Once you finish enough activities, the bar automatically moves, and once at the second tier, you get fast travel.

However, as we mentioned, you must separately unlock fast travel for each district, thereby making this process a bit tedious. While we can’t unlock them for you, we suggest focusing on prominent areas like Midtown, Astoria, Downtown Brooklyn, Upper East Side, and the Financial District. These are spread through NYC and will make your life a lot easier.

Use Fast Travel in Spider-Man 2

Once you have unlocked fast travel in Spider-Man 2, it’s actually quite effortless to use it. Follow our steps below to do so:

  • In the main game, press the touchpad on your DualSense controller to open up the map.
  • Hover over any district where you’ve unlocked Fast Travel and keep holding the “Triangle” button on any area. You will see the fast travel bar fill up.
fast travel bar spider-man 2
  • And almost immediately, you will see Spider-Man swinging onto your selected district. As unbelievable as that sounds, fast travel in Spider-Man 2 is as easy and quick (see GIF below).
Spider-Man fast travel

The fact that the entire process happens in less than two seconds is completely mindblowing and a testament to how hard Insomniac has worked on the game. A Spider-Man 2 has even confirmed the travel bar doesn’t hide a load. You can follow the above steps in any area once you’ve unlocked fast travel everywhere in Spider-Man 2.

And that’s how you unlock and use fast travel in Spider-Man 2. Make sure to select the exact point, as your Spidey will use it to spawn you there. Once you have grown accustomed to it, play the game right by knowing some handy Spider-Man 2 tips and tricks. Already finished the game? Need help understanding the Spider-Man 2 ending and post-credit scene? We have detailed all that we know, along with some speculations about what’s to come next. Finally, do you have any questions about fast travel? Drop them in the comments below!

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