Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Trophy Guide: A Complete List of Trophies

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 only launched recently and is already making massive waves. Many have begun using Spider-Man 2 tips and tricks to elevate their game. However, while caring about the game, the completionist ones among you also care about getting all the trophies. So this guide is for players chasing the Platinum trophy on PS5. If you’re a gamer who wants to collect all the Spider-Man 2 trophies, we have created a dedicated guide with the entire list. So, without further ado, let’s begin sorting through all the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum trophies for Spider-Man 2.

How Many Trophies Are There in Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Trophy Guide: A Complete List of Trophies

Let’s start by talking about how many trophies in total are in the game. Spider-Man 2 on PS5 has a total of 42 trophies. To go into even more detail, the game has 22 Bronze, 17 Silver, 2 Gold, and naturally 1 Platinum trophy. The difficulty level in achieving them will increase depending on their rating. To help sort them out, we have divided the Spider-Man 2 trophies based on their ranking below.

All Bronze Trophies in Spider-Man 2

Bronze Trophies are the easiest to unlock in Spider-Man 2 and revolve around doing rudimentary actions and collecting different parts around NYC. We have listed a simple explanation with our guide below to help you there. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

  • Another Way – Complete “No Escape”
  • Fully Loaded – Purchase all of Spider-Man’s Suit Tech upgrades
  • Brooklyn Pride – Complete “A Gift”
  • My Community – Complete “Hard Bop”
  • I Quit – Complete “This Isn’t You”
  • Funky Wireless Protocols – Solve the mystery of the Spider-Bots’ origin
  • Stylish – Equip a suit style
  • Slack Line – Stealth takedown 25 enemies in stealth from the Web Line
  • Hang Ten – Perform 30 Air Tricks in a row without touching the ground
  • Overdrive – As Miles, use Reverse Flux to pull 6 or more enemies together simultaneously
  • Home Run ! – Round the bases at the Big Apple Ballers Stadium
  • Just Let Go – As Miles, find the science trophy Miles and Phin won together
  • You Know What to Do – As Peter, visit Aunt May’s Grave
  • Soar – Using only your Web Wings, glide from the Financial District to Astoria. (Wind Tunnels are okay!)
  • Splat – Attempt and fail a trick before “landing” on the ground
  • A New Adventure – Help Howard
  • Resourceful – Collect a total of 10,000 Tech Parts
  • Co-Signing – Complete all Tech Stashes
  • You’re Gonna Need Help – Complete “Surface Tension”
  • New York, New York – Complete all Photo Ops
  • Antidote – Defeat a Symbiote that is under the effect of Anti-Venom status
  • A New Suit – Acquire the Black Suit

All Silver Trophies in Spider-Man 2

Silver Trophies in Spider-Man 2 are rarer of the lot. However, some of them are still tied to finishing select few missions and side activities. Here is the entire list of silver trophies below:

  • To the Max – Purchase all Gadget upgrades
  • Kitted Out – Purchase all available suits
  • Behind the Masks – Complete “Grand Finale”
  • Amazing – Reach Max Level (60)
  • Data Collector – Complete “Target Identified”
  • Crimson Hour – Complete “It Was Meant for Me”
  • Exterminator – Complete all Symbiote Nests
  • Grains of Sand – Piece together broken memories
  • Leave Us Alone – Complete “Don’t Be Scared
  • The Great Hunt – Complete “Anything Can Be Broken”
  • Seek and Destroy – Complete all Hunter Bases
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man – Complete all FNSM requests
  • Medicine – Complete “It Chose You”
  • Surge – Use Symbiote abilities 25 times during Symbiote Surge
  • Foundational – Complete all EMF experiments
  • Evolved – Defeat 100 enemies with Evolved Venom abilities
  • Armed and Dangerous – Defeat 100 enemies with Spider Arm abilities

All Gold Trophies in Spider-Man 2

As you can tell, there are only two Gold trophies in the game. These relate to only the main objects, such as conquering all districts and finishing the main story.

  • Superior – 100% complete all districts
  • Heal the World – Finish the main story

Platinum Trophy in Spider-Man 2

Like in other games, the Platinum trophy is only reserved for players who collect all the other trophies. Make no mistake, it’s actually quite hard to complete a game fully, let alone Spider-Man 2, so it will take some time. Our guide on how long to beat Spider-Man 2 has counted it down for you, so make sure to check it out.

Coming back to our trophy guide, players who successfully collect all the trophies in Spider-Man 2 and complete 100% of the game receive the “Dedicated Trophy” as a reward. So, if you really want the Dedicated Trophy, then you best get playing. While it’s going to be a lengthy journey getting to Platinum, you can get it if you stay patient. Already finished the game and want to learn how Spider-Man 2 ends? Well, we have explained and collected all the theories here.

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