5 Best Tips to Master Web Wings in Spider-Man 2

One of the newest additions in Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 game, besides Super Slingshot, is the Web Wings. It is a unique new way to travel through NYC with relentless ease. And while the wings themselves are easy enough to use, they can be hard to master. We suffered through the same problem at the start, but after spending 20+ hours in the game, we have a good idea and want to help you with it, too. So, if you’ve recently started playing Spider-Man 2 and want to master the Web Wings, keep reading as we give you the five best tips for it.

1. Don’t Forget the Web Wing Rings

Insomniac has planned well ahead for players wanting to master the Web Wings. As such, a very lovely mechanic incorporated with them is the wind current throughout the city that can be leveraged to get around New York quickly. If you’re using the web wings, you will be able to see these currents denoted by green rings running along a path.

Use web rings spider-man 2

Fly into one of these green circles and then keep following the path to gain a devastating burst of speed. The final ring is even faster and will give you a huge vertical boost to go flying through the air. Remember this tip first and foremost when using the Web Wings.

2. Pair It with Super Slingshot

While the Super Slingshot is enough to be used alone to go at high speeds quickly, you can pair it up with the Web Wings to become a force to be reckoned with. The best part is that this can be done anywhere. All you need to do is learn how to do the “slingshot launch” in Spider-Man 2 using our guide linked here.

Super Slingshot

As soon as you launch through the air, open up the Web Wings, and they will use this massive boost of acceleration to take you through the skies and break the sound barrier (metaphorically). So the next time you feel jumping or swinging around isn’t good enough, remember the Super Slingshot skill.

3. Get a Jumping Start

The web wings themselves open up quite easily enough. However, you can’t really open them at any point while standing still. As such, this tool requires our Spider-Men to get a nice start going for them. While you can always run and open them, we suggest using Spidey’s Super Jump to do it. To begin, go up to a high building.

Super Jump Spider-Man 2

A quick suggestion is the Avengers Tower in NYC. Once there, hold down R2 + X on your controller to prime up the jump. As soon as you reach the highest jumping point, tap the “triangle” button to bust out the wings and glide through the city. Don’t forget this tip the next you want to use Web Wings in Spider-Man 2 (read review).

4. Zip to Maintain Momentum

While you managed to gain a nice launch to get high up in the air, there will come a time when you start to lose altitude and momentum. Furthermore, this is even worse if it happens while you’re over water. And while you can’t exactly land there, there are ways you can keep your streak going for just a bit longer.

zip to maintain spider-man 2

Once you start to lose that precious speed, press X on your controller, and Spider-Man will use the nearest surface to attach his web and gain a small boost of speed. This zipping works over most structures and even on boats near water. While not the most foolproof way, this will let you not crash sploot on your face if you’re in the air.

5. Outfit Your Web Wings

One thing I would like to clear out is that you cannot upgrade your Web Wings as they are a base mechanism. However, that does not mean they can’t be made to look better. It’s no secret that Spider-Man 2 comes with dozens of suits for Peter and Miles. However, what you might not know is that almost every suit also comes with its own cosmetic version of Web Wings.

Outfit Wings

Depending on the suit you end up picking, your Wings just might look the best out of the lot. To help you with just that, we have a stream of handy guides coming for the best suits for both Peter and Miles in Spider-Man 2. So until then, sit tight and try the suits you have on offer.

We hope the above tips help you master the Web Wings in Spider-Man 2. Once done with this base mechanic, check out these best tips and tricks for Spider-Man 2 and prepare for your A game. Already done? Do you have any more tips for us to add? Drop them in the comments below!

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