Should You Pull Arlecchino in Genshin Impact 4.6?

In Short
  • Arlecchino is a great choice if you are planning to heavily invest in her, including her constellations and signature weapons.
  • She is not a free-to-play friendly character and is harder to play without a shielder or her C1.
  • Arlecchino works best in Vape, Overload, and Mono Pyro teams, but she cannot be healed when her Bond of Life is active.

Genshin Impact 4.6 is going to feature some very interesting characters and players are likely going to have trouble figuring out who to pull. The 4.6 version will feature the new character Arlecchino and the 5-star rerun Lyney. Both the featured 5-star characters are extremely strong DPS hyper carries and have very different playstyles. If you are unsure of whether to Pull for Arlecchino or not, here is the complete guide on her strengths and weaknesses, alongside comparisons with other DPS units.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino Kit

Arlecchino Genshin Impact Smiling
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Arlecchino has a unique kit, which scales her damage based on the Bond of Life status effect. She applies Blood-Debt Direction on enemies with her Skill and can then absorb them for Bond of Life, which changes her Normal attacks into pyro-infused attacks, dealing increased damage.

However, she cannot be healed while having the Bond of Life status effect and is only useful as a hyper-carry build. The main source of her healing is her Ultimate burst, which provides a fair bit of healing depending on the Bond of Life effect on her. Her kit is definitely fun to play, but it can get frustrating for new players, especially if they lack a good shielder in the team.

Aventurine vs Other DPS Characters in Genshin Impact

Fatui Harbinger Arlecchino
Image Courtesy: X/Genshin Impact

Arlecchino has some obvious strengths and weaknesses in her kit. Now, let’s see how she compares to other DPS units in the game, especially Pyro DPS units with a similar value.

  • Arlecchino vs Hu Tao: The obvious comparison for Arlecchino is going to be Hu Tao, who is also a Pyro DPS with a focus on normal attacks. Arlecchino is a normal attack focused character, while Hu Tao is a charged attack focused character. Both the characters require a higher skill level from the players, as they are very susceptible to damage without their C1. In terms of damage output, Arlecchino edges out Hu Tao, however, Hu Tao is easier to play as she can receive healing which Arlecchino cannot.
  • Arlecchino vs Lyney: Lyney is another very strong Pyro DPS who deals the most damage while being on-field. Arlecchino is a better pick over Lyney, unless you favor the bow over the Polearm play style. She will do a lot more damage compared to Lyney, however, Lyney is easier to play.
  • Arlecchino vs other DPS characters: Arlecchino is going to be one of the S-tier DPS units on release and will be comparable to the best in the game. Neuvillette is still gonna be better than her, but she is still better than many of the DPS units in the game.

Best Team Synergies for Arlecchino

Arlecchino, Lynnette, Lyney
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Whether you should pull Arlecchino or not depends on the team viability you have with her. Arlecchino cannot be healed and she requires a good shielder like Zhongli for players to be comfortable playing without her C1. She is versatile when it comes to teams, working well in Vape, Overload, and Mono Pyro teams, however, Vape teams are a clear favorite for her. Arlecchino’s best teams will amplify her damage output while making easier to play her.

Does Arlecchino Need Her Signature Weapon?

Crimson Moons Semblance Polearm Genshin Impact
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Arlecchino is not a free-to-play friendly character and her signature weapon increases her damage output by a lot. However, she technically doesn’t need her signature weapon as there are great alternatives like Staff of Scarlet Sands for Vape teams.

Also, her signature weapon is pretty much useless for every other character in the game as it scales on the Bond of Life status effect. In my opinion, her signature weapon matters a lot for Arlecchino if you want to build her for the maximum damage output.

Should You Pull for Arlecchino?

Arlecchino Genshin Impact
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Now that you have taken a look at everything Arlecchino provides, let’s boil everything down to her strengths and weaknesses.

Arlecchino’s Strengths:

  • Great Normal Attack-focused damage output.
  • Doesn’t rely on good healers to be viable.
  • Comparatively versatile with her team synergies.

Arlecchino’s Weaknesses:

  • Cannot receive healing while having Bond of Life.
  • Not free-to-play friendly and requires her C1 and Signature Weapon.
  • Difficult to play without Zhongli or her C1.

Overall, I think Arlecchino is not a good option for Free-to-play friendly players. If you are going to pull for Arlecchino, make sure to double down and get her Signature Weapon and her C1 to get the best out of her kit. If you cannot do that, I will recommend you to save your Primogems.

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