Rockstar Artist Confirms GTA 6’s Playable 60 FPS Mode

60 FPS mode on GTA 6 cover
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In Short
  • Rockstar's silence fuels GTA 6 hype, but a 60 FPS mode for PS5 Pro is highly in doubt.
  • In an analysis, Digital Foundry Analyst doubts 60 FPS for GTA 6 due to Rockstar's history and PS5 Pro's CPU limitations.
  • However, in a deleted reply to a GTA Forum question, a Rockstar North senior artist hints at Rockstar's confidence in achieving a 60 FPS mode for GTA 6.

No hype comes closer to the one Rockstar Games is creating with the GTA 6. From the story of the game to the gameplay, everyone wants to predict or share their opinion on the game. Although some are mere opinions and bold predictions, we hear from experts from time to time. That has been the case after the rumors that PS5 Pro has been surfing online. While some say GTA 6 will have a 60 FPS mode, some deny it. So, what are the experts saying about the playable FPS and performance of GTA 6? Let’s find out.

Senior Rockstar Artist Says GTA 6 Will Be Playable on 60 FPS

In a GTA forum online, a user asked if the game would have a stable 60 FPS mode. A Senior artist at Rockstar North, Hailin Si, replied, “I don’t know, but we are confident.” The reply has since been deleted for unknown reasons.

An X (formerly Twitter) user, @GTAVI_Countdown, has posted the deleted reply in a post that also shows Si’s LinkedIn profile, confirming his role at Rockstar Games.

Earlier in the PS5 Pro analysis, Digital Foundry founder Rich Leadbetter talked about the console not being capable enough to run GTA 6 on 60 FPS. This speculation comes from the fact that Rockstar has never launched a GTA game on more than 30 FPS caps.

Leadbetter further explained the matter by saying, that if the game is locked at 30 FPS on the PS5 standard edition, the Pro variant cannot make the frames go higher. As the simulation is done by CPU and the PS5 Pro will have the same CPU with just a 10% boost, according to him, having more than 30 FPS is unlikely.

Well, we shall find out when the official confirmation or gameplay overview of GTA 6 if it is going to be a 60 FPS game. For now, the experts seem to have a divided opinion. If we go by an artist at Rockstar Games, it seems likely that the game will come with a 60 FPS mode.

Do you think GTA 6 will have a 60 FPS mode? Would you like a stable 30 FPS cap or a 60 FPS lock for the game? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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