Roblox Bacon: What it is, Meaning & History Explained

In Short
  • The Roblox Bacon or Bacon hair term started in 2014 when developers of Roblox made the default avatar hair look like bacon.
  • The term is mostly used for new players who use the default "Pal hair" and avatar.
  • However, some bullies spread negativity by using the word and trolling by using the Bacon hair despite having Robux or customization options.

Roblox continues to remain a platform where players showcase their creativity and flair. So, be it clothes, face, or hair, you get to select exactly what you prefer. While bacon might mean a delicious little snack for you, it denotes something else entirely in Roblox. New to the platform and don’t know what that means? Well, keep reading as I tell you exactly what Roblox Bacon is.

Roblox Bacon: The Real Meaning

In the world of Roblox, players often call newcomers “Bacon Hair” or simply “Bacon.” This nickname comes from the default hairstyle, “Pal Hair,” which some find resembles strips of bacon. As it is the default style mostly available to new players, it’s similar to calling someone a newbie or “noob” in other games. As such, the term is mainly used on players with default avatars. Kids who are new to Roblox are especially often subject to this term.

Roblox Bacon Hair avatar

While it can be a fun way to identify new players, it can also have a negative side. Some players with more in-game purchases (Robux) might use “Bacon” to bully others. These bullies focus on players who don’t have many cosmetics or items. Sometimes, these bullies cross the line and make Roblox unsafe for new kids.

However, do note that bacon in Roblox doesn’t necessarily indicate a player’s intentions. While some new players use it as a default style, even experienced players use this default avatar. This applies even in the best Roblox games out there.

You can also spot the Bacon hair in easter eggs or cameos in multiple Roblox games and popular streams. A major protagonist in the popular, animated Kavra series is named Bacon. He comes with the famous Bacon-looking hair. Roblox also has a horror game called Bakon where the main creepy face Slender villain comes with the iconic bacon hairstyle.

Roblox Bacon Hair: History

Roblox received a makeover in 2014. The starting character went from a bright yellow Lego-like figure to a more human-looking avatar with black pants, a shirt, and cool shoes. But the most exciting change was the hair as it looked like crispy bacon!

Roblox’s graphics weren’t powerful enough back then for super detailed hair, and the developers wanted to keep the game accessible for everyone. Even though Roblox can handle fancier hair now, players have grown so fond of the “Bacon Hair” that the developers haven’t changed it!

So, do you use the Bacon Hair in Roblox out of the fun? Or do you use character customization in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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